There a thousand and one reasons why a person would want to speak Spanish. Some of these reasons are meant for pleasure, while others for business and purposes that are more formal. Whatever might be the reason, there are more than 400 millions people speaking Spanish today and their number is rising everyday.

You could learn to speak Spanish just because it a foreign language for you; just for the joy of learning a new language. There are many ways to learn the language some of which would be discussed briefly here:

1. School/college/university – almost all the schools would have a second language lab whereby you could learn another language. Look it up and if you Spanish, go for it. Learning the language in the school or college makes the assimilation of the language relatively easier, because children pick up a new language much faster than an adult does.

2. Private tutor - there is an excellent choice of a private tutor who will come to your home and teach you Spanish. This method is one of the most popular ones because it is easy to learn a language when you have someone who can correct you and answer your doubts as they arise. The only downside to this method is that it comes very expensive and ca be ‘afforded’ with great difficulty.

3. Moving/ visiting Spain – you could always move to Spain or any other place where people speak this language locally, like Mexico, etc. As long as you hear the language all around you, you will find it is easier to orient yourself and absorb the meaning of the dialogues hat are flying around you. With a little time you will find that you understand a good deal; speaking would take longer, because fluency comes as the result of good deal of vocabulary lessons

4. Online courses – you can always choose to take up the online courses which teach you speak Spanish in a very short while. Some of these online course some free so be very careful to look through all the offers and choose the one that suits you best.

5. Free classes – as you are searching for online courses, you will also find a good deal of free classes and hence, you could learn Spanish at no cost. However, before you sign up for them look carefully that these free lessons have no catch or strings attached. ‘Free’ should mean totally without the credit card, and hence you should no give them your credit card number or any other financial detail asked normally before making online payments. If they ask for such a thing, then they would most likely than not, a fake website. Avoid it. Report it if you can to the Internet police.

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