Unless you have no intention of expanding your insurance business, you need to have an insurance agent, but how do you exactly make sure that you are getting the best one for your company?

Make sure that you can look for the following characteristics in your insurance agent:


You can always look for someone who does not have any undergraduate degree, but you may be finding it hard to train him or her. This is because there could be concepts that would be so difficult to explain. When it comes to education, it would be better if the insurance agent is a graduate of economics, finance, or business management. Of course, it is a lot better if he or she has a master’s degree. You may also look for someone who has graduated from mathematics, accounting, and public speaking.


Even if your insurance agent already has experience in selling insurance policies, they still need to be trained. After all, you may have different requirements than your competitors. Thus, make sure that your insurance agents are not only properly educated, but also trainable. It will not take you a long time to teach them new tricks on how to gather leads or how to nurture them to ensure that they do not go after your competitors.

Knowledge in Computers

These days, it is difficult to run a business without computers. You need them to create databases and even install programs that can be very helpful in your insurance business. One of them is the lead management application. Your PC or laptop will be your portal to the World Wide Web. You could be operating a website that you also use to generate insurance leads. Since it is difficult to teach someone how to run these systems, it is advisable to search for an insurance agent who already knows how to work with a computer. He or she must also be comfortable and open to new technologies.

Customer Care

This is one of the important criteria you should keep in mind when you are searching for an insurance agent. That person may be the most knowledgeable person in the industry, but if he or she does not know how to take care of your leads, you are still going to lose your prospects and your potential sale. Customer care encompasses a lot of things. First, your insurance agents should be faithful in making follow-ups to your leads. They must be able to reply to e-mails and phone calls immediately or within 24 to 48 hours. As much as possible, they should be able to answer questions that are posed to them. If not, they must be resourceful enough. They should be courteous and professional, as well as possess a high level of accountability for their actions.


You can never have an insurance agent who is not licensed. The person you hire should already have one before he or she starts to work for you. In case he or she does not, you must encourage your agent to get one. As the head of the business, you should be responsible to the licensing of your agents. The requirements can vary from state to state, so make sure that you are aware of what they are. You may also have to look up for courses where you can obtain certification.

Your sales team will be one of your tickets to insurance business expansion. Get the best ones for yourself, and you will have a formidable team. It would be then easier for you to provide services to your potential clients. They can be your secret to higher profit and return.

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