You might believe you would be more happy with money than without it. And you would probably be right. As long as you had enough of course. Whatever enough means to you.

So how do we get money? And how do we keep it?

You have probably done it the old fashioned way - you know, work for it - exchange some of your time and often you are rewarded with money. That's the money paradigm most of us grew up with.

But how is it that some people give the same amount of time and yet don't get as much money for that amount of time as other people.

It seems the acquisition of money does not relate directly to the amount of time spent earning or creating it.

And how is it that some people seem to do well no matter what they do or how many times life hands them a setback? It is luck? Is it just because they stayed in school longer? Nope. What's the difference between them and you? And how could you be more like them, if you wanted to, that is.

That's a good question. Do you know the answer?

They manage their attention, intention, thoughts and actions differently than you.

"Sure" you say. But everyone is different so what's the point.

Well, first of all, you might want to rethink your thought that everyone is different. It serves no useful purpose whatsoever. None.

Having let that go, we can move on to begin understanding and focusing on how we all are so much more the same than we are different. And how we all deserve to share in life's virtually endless bounty. Eventually all the wealth you acquire will be shared with others - the government, your relatives, family, charity, your pets or whatever. The one thing you can be sure of is that you will not be taking your wealth with you into the next life. In fact, chances are that if you believe in reincarnation, you also know that wealth in one lifetime may mean great poverty in the next.

Now. Let's go back to the original question which is: How do we get and keep money. The answer will surprise many of you.

By releasing it. And by releasing it I mean spending it and giving it away.

I bet you didn't expect that answer.

And now you want to ask: What about saving for retirement or a rainy day or an emergency etc.?

Spend as much as you need to live. Save as much as you need to save.

Money, or let's call it wealth for now, represents the connection between our conscious intention and action. The stronger this connection, the more our lives flow and the greater our wealth. If you want to know if you are "in the flow", just look at your level of wealth. Wealth is the key indicator of our ability to consciously create our reality. Of course our reality is created both consciously and unconsciously and having lots of wealth does not necessarily mean we have a good balance, but it does indicate a lot of progress in the right direction. That is, the direction that allows you to consciously create your life.

Oh sure you are a good person and all that, but,

> if you are spending more than you make on an ongoing basis;
> if your debt load is increasing;
> if you have more month than money

... you might want to ask yourself what message you are giving to the universe. Could it be that you are saying: "you owe me"? And if it is, ask yourself, what you are prepared to give for what you receive.

I am sure you have heard the expression:


This means exactly what it says. As long as you are telling the universe to give you more than you give it, the universe will respond in kind and perpetuate a state of "owing" in your world.

If you are willing to act with integrity and give more than you receive, you will create a state of wealth.

In literal terms, this means to:

> pay off your creditors in full,
> stop avoiding your obligations, and
> find a way to give to those in need

It means to do whatever it takes to create a positive cash flow. If that means taking more than one job, or a lesser job, or deferring a purchase, then that is what you must do to send a loud and clear message to the universe that:

> you are ready, willing and able to give more than you receive,
> you acknowledge the world owes you nothing, and
>you wish to give more than you receive.

Oh and by the way, giving does not necessarily have to mean giving dollars, at least not initially. It could be the time you volunteer or when you offer the gift of listening to another etc.

Yeah. Ok. But what about all those people who have lots of money and who are total jerks. How can you say that they are 'evolved'? As long as you resent the rich, you are rejecting a part of you - in this case the part of you that is rich, or at least thinks it wants to be. If you really want to be wealthy, start by looking at your attitude towards rich people. If you think they have too much wealth or are bad people, then it would be wise to revisit and reconstruct those creative thoughts into something that serves your positive intent to be wealthy yourself. Thoughts of resentment toward the rich will not make you wealthy, and in fact will have the opposite effect.

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Jim Matheson has been poor, very poor, and relatively wealthy. He found that wealthy is better. You can find out more at