The short answer is:

Many of my clients have tried the Candida Diet, probiotics, large amounts of various herbs, prescription medications and even some rather unusual remedies. Over and over again, I hear that the efforts seem endless and not very fruitful. The saddest part is that many people have suffered for many, many years, due to a lack of information.

There are three combined strategies that have been reported to be proven effective, again and again, to combat an overgrowth of Candida Yeast fungi. Typically, one of the three are recommended as the ‘cure;’ however, any one alone is highly unlikely to rebalance the digestive tract to a normal, healthy state of health.

The first and foremost thing that needs to be accomplished is to dramatically reduce the population of Candida yeast in the digestive tract, even in the case of a systemic infection and other toxins within the body.

This is no easy task. We know that Candida yeast fungi cannot be ‘killed.’ This is known, as when the nuclear bomb was being tested, various living micro-organisms were intentionally exposed, to determine the effects on life. Only one living organism survived. Candida yeast fungi. Candida survived by morphing into a different form, adapting to the antagonistic environment. Since a nuclear bomb cannot kill Candida, it is not logical to consider that a prescription medication, an herbal remedy or a restricted diet could kill this invasive, adaptive organism. Killing is not an option to reducing the Candida yeast fungi population when it comes to Candida yeast fungi overgrowth. For years I searched for a strategy to accomplish this, before I found Threelac.

Threelac is a very specific strain of probiotic that consumes Candida yeast fungi. This probiotic can be invaluable in the recovery of a very serious condition. Threelac is not effective in killing or inhibiting the reproduction of Candida yeast fungi and does not enhance or replenish the microflora in the digestive tract. What Threelac may do for you, if enough is taken for long enough, is reduce the Candida yeast fungi population, fulfilling half of strategy #1.

Almost as equally as challenging as Candida, toxins are not easily removed. Many have tried large sums of herbs, fasting, saunas, foot detox baths, and other expensive, uncomfortable methods, some with contraindications. Natural Cellular Defense, liquid zeolites is the holy grail of detoxification. This tasteless, odorless liquid drops have removed 87% of all body toxins, in a very small test study, in ONE WEEK. While this is a small study group, there is much research available at Threelac and NCD liquid zeolites completes, when taken in sufficient amounts, for long enough, Strategy #1.

This brings us to the second strategy …… glyconutrients. There are eight of these newly discovered nutrients that are necessary for cellular health. Two of these eight, in lab test, have shown properties that inhibit the reproduction of Candida yeast fungi. Candida can reproduce at such rapid rates, at times, that by slowing down or stopping the replication is a very important part of ridding oneself of an overgrowth. Okay, now you may be beginning to understand that when it comes to an overgrowth of Candida, that a plan of action is necessary, because there is no magic pill or one thing to do to restore good health.

And finally, the third strategy is to restore the natural microflora of the digestive tract. Candida is typically only able to overgrow because the something, usually antibiotics or steroids, have destroyed the ecosystem of the digestive tract. Many people refer to these as Acidophilus. In fact, Acidophilus is but one of the 15 strains of good bacteria that our digestive tract needs for a healthy ecosystem. These friendly bacteria play many very important roles in human bodily functions. For instance, a healthy diet that includes fresh raw vegetables is rich in vitamin B-6. The friendly bacteria synthesize Vitamin B-6 into Vitaman B-12. Vitamin B-12 is not well absorbed when taken orally; therefore, this function is vital. A deficiency of Vitamin B-12, among other things, can cause weakness, depression, and other symptoms. Another function of friendly bacteria is to assist in alkalizing the environment of the digestive tract, which in turn is not a friendly environment for Candida.

In review:

1. REMOVE Carry out the yeast and other toxins through the bowel, with the aide of Threelac and Natural Cellular Defense.

2. DISABLE Inhibit the reproduction with glyconutrientals and finally,

3. RESTORE Provide the digestive tract with broad spectrum probiotic to re-establish the natural microflora population, for an all inclusive approach to restore wellness.

While these are the three main goals, there are other factors that are important. Some other things that are beneficial include:

- Reduce white sugar consumption, as this is food for Candida and accelerates replication.

- Add cultured foods to your diet, to increase natural sources of good bacteria.

- Achieve three or more bowel movements daily.

- Either give up coffee or replace coffee consumption with healthy coffee, to help to keep the pH balance of the body alkaline.

- Consume digestive enzymes, if needed.

- Vitamin, mineral, EFA, phytochemical and endocrine support supplementation.

Resources: online Health Resource to learn about Glyconutrition to order patented Glyconutritionals to order NCD liquid zeolites to research liquid zeolites

Author's Bio: 

Board Certified Holistic Practitioner, Victoria Smith, provides health consultations free for all conditions; although, she specializes in Candida yeast fungi overgrowth. Her no-nonssense, highly effect approaches result in nearly 100% results.