You have goals. You have dreams. If you are a mom looking to start her own business from home, you want it all. And you can have it! But you have to first believe that you can achieve it.

To ensure that your business has a solid foundation and is on the path to success, you need to look internally. Are you a victim of your own self-limiting behaviors? Can these actions negatively affect the future of your business, limiting its success?

Think about your dreams for your business. There are some that exhilarate and motivate you; there are some dreams that excite you – and terrify you at the same time. These are the one you have to be careful about.

Do you worry that you might not have the necessary skills to achieve them? Are you worried that you won’t have enough energy to complete these large tasks that are integral to the success of your business and your personal success as an entrepreneurial mom?

We all experience some sort of fear – fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success - the key is to not let fear stop you in your tracks. Keep moving forward, keep reaching for the big dreams, even if they seem a little out of reach. The secret is to dream long term and plan short term. Even big dreams can be broken down into manageable, bite size pieces.

It’s also imperative that you work on silencing those voices in your head that doubt your ability. Dig deep down in yourself and find those feeling or actions that might constitute self-limiting behavior. Think about what psychological thoughts could be holding you back, stunting your business. As a stay-at-home mom with the goal of creating a strong, growing business, you’re going to face some challenges and obstacles along the way. How you view those times and where you turn your focus is crucial to your success.

Look at your dreams that scare you as a great opportunity. They’re forcing you to grow and become the success you were meant to be. Just don’t let them overwhelm you. Think about how satisfying and rewarding it will be to accomplish your dreams. And don’t let your self-limiting behavior keep you from this excitement and the reward of a prosperous home based business!

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