Color is about more than interior design and fashion; it is used for marketing products from diapers to diet soda, from office supplies to electronics, from bargain buys to luxury investments, color sells. The key is to learn how to use color to your advantage as it is often a subliminal influence. Once you know the psychology and the cultural differences you can layer hues from light to dark, subtle to bold, to achieve the desired response.

Along with blue, green is the most universally accepted color, but it does depend on the shade or tint. For example most veterans are not fans of camouflage green and that tends to run to sage and moss as well. If you are specifying apple green make sure you know where your apples are from. Certainly a Washington apple will be different than a Maine apple and that goes for color too.

Green is considered an undemanding color. It is one of the easiest colors to perceive. It represents perfect balance, as the center of rainbow. Green provides a sense of quietness, compassion, relaxation and comfort and is the easiest neutral.

Green is also a hue of rebirth, re-growth, and renewal. It is what most of us in seasonal climates look forward to in the spring, the astounding re-greening with all the new leaves and plant growths after the grey of winter. It is a time for our spirits to reawaken and recharge.

It is also, of course, the color of money and for many alone that makes it a favorite! And often, it is money that can provide growth, and rejuvenation. Using green in marketing is known to emphasize brand value and the sense of everlasting quality. Holiday Inn has relaunched a new look and logo, dropping its orange affordability and going green.

Of course, it is also indelibly associated with the environment and eco-friendly business practices. Today the world is going green as they say and that means recycling is the word of the day and sustainable is here to stay.

Once you have mastered the mystery of color, you can put the psychology to work for your success and even your profit.

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