Creative visualization is a process that everyone using everyday. Although most people don't know they use it. Creative visualization is when you want something and your picture it in your mind. Then you think about it until it becomes a reality. This is what people naturally do when they want something. Take weight loss for example. You decide you want to lose weight. You then picture yourself thinner than you are now.

How do you make this process work for you? Well, you don't just picture what you want. Let's use our example. First you pictured what you would look like thinner, but you also need to visualize yourself going to the gym, eating right, how you would feel when your thinner, and how your life would be different.

To make your want into a reality you need to visualize your whole life after this want comes true. Visualize how great your life will be. How will it affect your job, home life, and It's also important to visualize the obstacles that can come up and
how you will overcome them before they actually become obstacles so it doesn't slow down your momentum. Then, when you have it all planned out in your head make it real and write it down on paper.

Writing it down not only makes it a physical goal but also makes it so you don't forget. When you write it down make it into a step-by-step guide for yourself. What do you need to do first to get what you want? Write it down. Then the next step and the next until you reach your goal. Don't lose that piece of paper! This is your future in a easy to use manual form. Then, look at your guide everyday and keep moving towards your want. Don't go to sleep until you have made even the littlest progress.

It's also important not to fall apart when it doesn't go as your planned. That's life. Take a second and adjust your guide accordingly.

Before you share your want with anyone take another second and think about how they might react. This is crucial. Some people may have negative thoughts about it, and will damage your way of thinking. Try to only tell people who you know will be supportive. Tell people you admire and care if they are disappointed in you. After you tell them it will motivate you to succeed just to receive that praise from that person.

Any time you visualize your want know that you are unstoppable. You will get what you want. You are going to have a better life. Visualize it everyday as if you are already living it. Starting living your life as if you are waiting for it. Do this until you
no longer need to visualize it you are now living it in your reality.

Before starting decide what it is exactly that you want. Start with one want at a time and continue with the next after your get the previous want. Don't use creative visualization to harm anyone or get something negative. This will only send negative energies into the universe and return those same energies back to you. Remember in terms of energy. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. One visualization leads to another, and before you know it, you have a life full of success and prosperity.

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