Purchasing Life Insurance shouldn't have to be such a stressful process. Many people become paralyzed with the magnitude of the decision, believing they are somehow assigning a dollar value to their worth as individuals. Anxiety such as this has a tendency to lead toward rash decision-making – hardly the kind of due process this investment deserves. Thankfully there are some easy ways to protect yourself and get your hands on a policy of lasting integrity without breaking the bank. Life insurance premiums tend to be are calculated according to a wide number of factors, and mastering the data behind these numbers is the surest way to get something you can afford.

The first way to save on life insurance is also the simplest: stay healthy. Policies such as these are calculated according to perceived risk, and no single factor influences that decision more than your state of health. Major problems such as obesity, diabetes and chronic illness can send your premiums through the roof, so it pays to take care of yourself from an early age. This may seem like advice being offered too late, but the truth is that you may be able to significantly raise your scores on cholesterol, blood tests and body mass index with a little hard work. Cutting out excessive risk factors such as smoking and hypertension can pay off as well, often to the tune of hundreds of dollars a year.

Life insurance premiums tend to coalesce around major numbers – often in blocks of $250,000. Because insurance companies must manage thousands of policies each year and certain benchmarks make the work easier, you may actually counterintuitively save by upping your policy to one of these round figures. Even if you are nowhere near that kind of money, it never hurts to speak with an agent at your carrier about whether you can bump up the total and lower your premiums at once.

If you suffer from a chronic health condition, you may be able to save considerably on life insurance simply by looking for a company that specializes in people like you. These days insurance companies have grown adept at drawing nuanced distinctions between policy holders' health – expertise that can work to your advantage. If you have a milder form of diabetes or curable cancer, for instance, it's possible that you could cut as much as 60 percent off your annual premiums simply by dealing with an insurance company that will identify your risk more accurately.

Life insurance is expensive enough without spending considerable income on something less than ideal. If you want to achieve lasting peace of mind and do not relish the thought of overpaying for years at a clip, do yourself a favor and stick with major carriers who have earned high marks from their clients. A little research in this sector will almost inevitably turn up promising options – from there, you only need to collect estimates and make an informed decision.

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