Pain, whether emotional or physical, causes us to focus on something that doesn't feel very good and this can put a dark cloud over our experience of the world. We can feel both helpless and hopeless.

At an energetic level you could say that the normal positive and life enhancing energy flow that lets us see and experience ourselves and our life in a good and positive light has been blocked or disrupted in some way. Just as dark sunglasses can block out the bright rays of the sun, it is almost as if we are wearing dark shades which make the world appear gloomy and dark.

When we experience a negative situation, our body can attract negative energy which causes a disturbance in the body's energy field. We can lose sight of what is joyful in life and lose track of what it means to be grateful because pain gets in the way.

In the book, 'The Genie in your Genes', Dawson Church describes how our genes DANCE with our awareness. What he is saying is that our thoughts, emotions and behaviour actually have the power to shape our biology. No need to tell you then, that this awareness can make a critical difference to our health and vibrant well-being!

Scientific research is now showing that many genes are being turned on or off, like a switch, by our beliefs, feelings and attitudes. What this means is that we actually have the power to use our thoughts and feelings to raise our level of vitality and happiness

Laughter, light-heartedness and meditation even in the face of difficulties, as in Clown Focus Therapy, or Laughter Therapy involves looking at serious situations with a sense of humour, seeing the humour in life's problems and pains.

EFT can be a great help with this, firstly by offering a way to get immediate relief of symptoms to clear a space for you to then tap into the positive energy within. As you relax using this process, resistance is released and a way is left for you to become more open to explore what emotional factors might be at the root of the pain and how you might learn to take control of your body and feelings instead of letting them control you. In this way you are enabled to make more empowering and happier choices for yourself.

EFT or 'Emotional Freedom Technique' is a combination of Einstein's discovery -that everything is ENERGY, including the human body and even our thoughts - together with the practice of acupressure. It is considered to be one of the most successful health innovations to have emerged in the last 100 years and often gets results where nothing else works. It is especially powerful when combined with humour, laughter and positive thoughts and affirmations.

As you tap in the 'good', happy feelings that come up when you laugh or smile at a joke or a bit of real or imagined silliness it is as if you are directing your genes to switch 'on' to happiness

Many studies show that what we THINK about our health is one of the most accurate predictors of our longevity

As well as beings of matter we are beings of energy. Whenever we have been traumatized, hurt or betrayed in the past, our body records the feelings at both a cellular AND an energetic level. In other words whatever you do, think, feel etc "your body keeps the score."

This means that whatever meanings we assign to the events in our lives are about as important to our health and functioning as the facts themselves. So if we have registered in our bodies lots of painful thoughts and feelings we need to look at rewiring or undoing the old and re-programming ourselves with a new more positive and healthier program

EFT can be used to rebalance the body's subtle energies that flow through the body (like blood flowing through the veins). Certain set points on the body are stimulated by tapping with the fingertips at the same time as repeating certain phrases or focusing on certain feelings

Tapping In the Positive
Some phrases you might want to say while tapping into your positive energy include:

"Even though this pain is blocking my well-being, I choose to love and accept myself and to open to healing."

"I thank the Universe for giving me, ME."

"I am open to receiving laughter and fun into my life."

By learning to look at ourselves in a positive light, we can remove negative energy from our energy field and restore balance.
There are numerous tapping points throughout your body that can be used to help you tap in the positive energy. The 7 most commonly used ones are:

Where the eyebrow meets the nose

Side of the eye on the bone

Under the eye centrally on the bone

Under the nose above the upper lip

Chin where it goes in

Collar bone, just right of center 'u' shaped hollow at base of neck

Under arm about 4" down from armpit

As you think positive thoughts you tap on these special points. You can mentally tap on the thoughts that are getting in the way of your happiness. The goal is to clear those thoughts from your mind and body that are limiting your ability to laugh and to play.

By taking steps to tap on and release your negative thoughts, the way becomes clear to restore happiness and begin to enjoy life again. As a result, you will begin to appreciate yourself more and be thankful for everything you have. And as you may remember, according to the Law of Attraction you get more of what you focus upon the most! Happy tapping!

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