If you suffer from arthritis pain or joint stiffness here is a gentle, effective way to get fast relief, using safe, natural far infrared thermal therapy now available in easy-to-wear functional clothing. For many years this destructive and debilitating disease has severely limited the life-style options of people of all ages. Research into the benefits of natural and effective non-pharmaceutical treatments has lead to recent advances in new materials technology which are offering arthritis sufferers new hope of pain relief.

Offering beneficial health solutions for people of all ages, far infrared therapy textile products help relieve the problem of painful joints to promote rapid relief. Compressive joint supports and fir health gloves lessen swelling and strain which, when worn during episodes of joint pain or recuperation from injury or surgery, affords increased mobility allowing you to be more active. The benefits provided by increased mobility are improved muscle strength, lower risk of re-injury and a reduced reliance on pain-killers and prescribed medications which can cause unpleasant side-effects for many people.

It is the bio-ceramic fibre content of these clothes that helps your skin avoid the risk of unpleasant irritation from over-heating and perspiration. This means you can comfortably wear FIR functional garments day or night to achieve optimum pain relief.

FIR garments are recommended for all commonly affected weight-bearing joints, such as your ankles, knees and lower spine and also your shoulders, hands and fingers, however, unlike glucosamine, they are highly suitable for those who sufferer with seafood allergies.

Those far infrared functional clothes which are both well-designed and make use of the new fir fibres incorporating magnetic technology are especially effective for the relief of arthritis pain. This new breed of far infrared therapy garments are specially designed to maximize the therapeutic radiant heat effects gained by flexible magnetic layers permanently embedded into these textiles. The bio-ceramic fibres used in these health care garments contain powdered earth minerals capable of imparting beneficial thermal therapy using only the natural heat of your body.

Physiotherapists, sports injury therapists, clinicians and athletic trainers recommend the use of compressive supports and soothing thermal therapy to enhance joint flexibility, reduce debilitating pain and promote faster healing. Therapeutic far infrared therapy garments have been shown by users to help lessen pain and swelling associated with chronic and occasional joint pain.

While far infrared therapy is not a miracle cure, FIR therapy garments are most definitely a useful and beneficial natural therapy that can assist you to lead an enjoyable, active and satisfying life-style. For effective long-term pain relief, choose natural therapies that will work in harmony with your prescribed medical program.

Far infrared therapy garments are effective, easy to wear, and importantly, an affordable health care treatment that you can safely use for long-term relief of arthritis pain.

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Gloria Chang studied science at the University of Sydney. She has over 30 years of professional experience & gained her degree in textiles and fibre technology. She is a published author and has extensively lectured at colleges. Her research has lead her to write numerous papers on therapeutic health care, medical textiles, pain and arthritis treatments. You can find further health care tips and information at www.farinfraredmedical.org You may also suggest topics for discussion or request articles written exclusively for your site.