Have you ever been on a roller coaster at six flags, Disney Land, or some other amusement park? Do you remember the feeling you get as the coaster is rising to the top of the first summit? Do you remember the feeling that you get when you experience that weightlessness right before you drop to the bottom of that summit? Or, have you ever been cliff jumping, bungee jumping or sky diving? Can you remember what it felt like as you were in that plane or on the top of that cliff moments before it was your turn to jump?

Think real hard now. Visualize what it felt like. You start to recreate those feeling right? You know what feels like to do it and when your mind makes the connection, a feeling is recreated. You have a perfect knowledge of what it felt like to go on that roller coaster or to jump out of that plane and can now recreate that feeling.

Now that you know how to recreate a feeling, is there any difference between recreating a feeling that you have experienced physically and recreating or creating a feeling you have experienced mentally, in your visualizing? We know that in order to truly be connected to your goal you must be able to believe that you are already in possession of that goal. There should be zero doubt in your mind that you will achieve your goal in the specified time period. If it is a car that you have set as your goal, what color is it, how fast does it go, what do the pedals feel like when slammed to the floor, how does it smell inside, how does it feel when you grip the steering wheel, how does it feel when you crank the radio up? Are you really there? Are you really in that car?

Now here’s the connection to the feeling side of it all. Do you remember that feeling you recreated with the roller coaster? If you are as passionate about achieving your goal to get that new car, then you will have a feeling that burns within when you think or visualize having that car. It will feel like that feeling or that goal is about to explode from your chest at this very second and because of that feeling, your actions will be constant and extremely persistent in moving towards achieving that goal. It will feel like it is going to happen now, not tomorrow but now! If you have to wait another second for this goal to materialize right in front of you, you might not be able to cope! It fuels you and gives you the energy, the ambition and the drive to go out and get it! It is more than a want or a hope now, it is definite because you have made it so with your emotional connection to this goal. It will happen, because you know it!

So, let me ask you….Have you been achieving your goals? This might explain why.

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