Bob, had just finished up another frustrating day that yielded no sales, and no appointments for future sales. He plopped down at his desk and began to sort through his mail dreading the bills he knew he’d find, and wouldn’t be able to pay. As he quickly sorted through the pile setting the bills off to one side he came to an envelope that he knew wasn’t a bill. Bob eagerly opened that envelop first.

When he opened the envelop he discovered a card inside. It was just a simple little card and when he opened the card he found a handwritten note addressed to him. After the greeting the note simply acknowledged a recent purchase he’d made, thanked him for his business, and let him know about some free gifts the author wanted him to have. This little card made Bob feel good inside and it made it feel good about the person who sent it, however, he didn’t give it any more thought than that.

About another long and frustrating month later Bob again sat at his desk sorting the mail dreading the bills when he found another strange envelope. Again Bob gave this little envelope his attention and found another simple little card inside. The card was from the same person and this time the author just shared a quick note about something Bob had mentioned as an interest when they’d met. It was at that moment that the proverbial light bulb went off in Bob’s head.

Bob realized the author wasn’t just making Bob feel good he wasn’t just making Bob feel important he wasn’t making Bob feel like he was trying to sell him something, and he wasn’t asking Bob to refer him. Yet, that’s exactly what Bob wanted to do. He felt so good about the author and what the author was doing for him through such a simple thing that Bob wanted to tell others about him. At that moment Bob realized he had the ticket to more sales in his hand. Bob immediately grabbed a note pad from his desk and wrote just a brief little note to five of his clients apologizing for not writing before to demonstrate his commitment to them and their needs. Bob decided he would take this simple action each and every day. He’d keep doing the other things too, but he’d do this no matter what each and every business day.

A funny thing happened. It wasn’t but a couple days when a couple of the clients he’d sent notes to called him. His note reminded them of questions they had…and those questions led to sales. Pretty soon he got a couple phone calls from folks one of his clients had told about him…and those calls led to sales. It wasn’t long until Bob could pay his bills, had appointments on his calendar, and felt really good about himself. Bob called the author of those little cards that continued to arrive just like clockwork in the mail, and thanked him profusely for helping him to see the light. The author shared that it isn’t the flashy things or the complicated things that produce the best results it’s the little things you do day in and day out that make all the difference in sales.

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