Like everyone else, I struggled in the beginning as I stated my Internet business. After two months, I still hadn’t made any real money. During that time, I think I made less than $2.00 in Adsense revenue. Hardly enough to live on!

At about that time I did a thorough analysis of my Internet business. I closely examined what I was doing and what I needed to change in order to be successful. After a thorough assessment, I put those changes into effect.

I got rid of my free autoresponder and signed up for the paid version. Too many of my emails were ending up in my prospects’ junk/bulk email boxes. This led to an immediate improvement in my email response rates. Obviously, my emails were now getting through to inboxes.

I bought a domain name and arranged for quality hosting. This resulted in an immediate improvement in the number of clicks that my articles were achieving.

I initiated a few pre-sell pages and noticed my affiliate sales began to inch higher. But still, I wasn’t earning a substantial amount of money.

I determined that I needed one more critical item to jump-start my income. I needed my own product. Over the course of the next month, I developed my own Ebook, sales page, and ad campaign. I advertised my Ebook using four paid ads (at ten dollars each), free ezine ads, and my articles.

During my first full month marketing my own product, I made almost $400. I re-invested half of the proceeds into additional ads and I made $1,200 in my second full month.

At that point, I realized that I could indeed make a very nice living on the Internet marketing my own products. I immediately set to work on my second Ebook and from that point, my income moved steadily higher.

If you want to be successful, and make a living on the Internet, develop our own product. There are numerous advantages to having your own product. You are in complete control. You receive 100% of the proceeds of your sales. You determine the price and can change it at will. And, best of all, you can enlist others to help sell your product through affiliate programs. Success is right around the corner if you develop your own product.

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