So what does the term natural golf swing actually mean and how can it be related to you?

In short, the natural golf swing should be regarded as simply what comes naturally to you. To take it further, in many situations, players are faced with the prospect of having to do something a little out of the ordinary due to an unusual lie of the ball.

It's amazing how many will still attempt to play it with the same swing they would play 90% of the time. Golf is about improvisation and sometimes you're required to be a little unorthodox.

In truth, there really isn't a natural golf swing as such. In fact, when you analyze the co-ordination of the body in relation to the swing, it's actually unnatural.

In reality, achieving a natural aspect to your swing means combining several intricacies of the game to achieve the ultimate aim of making contact with club on ball and sending it on it's way down the fairway.

If you are starting out in golf, then the best advice you can get is to take lessons from an instructor. This can really shortcut your learning curve and eliminate any bad habits which may form.

Achieving a natural golf swing, one which will be the foundation of your game in years to come means combining the body, mind and muscle all working in tune with one another.

This is where a coach is so invaluable. The inclination for many new players is to simply get out on the playing fairway and start hitting the ball from point A to point B. An instructor will analyze all facets of your swing, stance and fitness and immediately pinpoint the areas you need to concentrate on.

Some of the main ingredients of a natural golf swing include:

- The stance and how you face the ball. The aim is to get your body working in motion with the club.

- Gripping the club. This aspect is generally standard across the golfing world. Either a cricket or baseball type grip or the finger style grip which involves the use of all your fingers and keeping the hands together.

- Keeping the arm and the club shaft on the same line as you are measuring to take your shot.

- Keeping your eyes fixed on the ball as you go into your swing motion.

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