Horoscopes appear in numerous magazines and newspapers and are even more prevalent with the influx of the Internet.

It is not uncommon for people to read these horoscopes and try to take the advice personally and apply it to their own lives. Even some public skeptics can occasionally be caught taking a glance at the horoscopes and secretly thinking about how the information applies to their life.

While horoscopes can offer advice on a wide cache of life events, everything from love life to picking lottery numbers, one area in which they present much advice is that of the health of the person with a particular zodiac sign.

A long time ago, I happened across such a magazine article that was specifically about medicinal astrology. When I compared the information for the health problems it discussed for my present and future to what I knew of my own health, I was quite surprised at the accuracy of the explanations and predictions pertaining to my sign.

I was well aware of my own health strengths and weaknesses, and the horoscope directly correlated with the condition of my present health and the likelihood of my future health. Since then, I have continued my exploration of astro-medicine.

The arrangement of planets during the moment of the birth of a child specifies predisposition to disease that can arise at moving planets through sensitive areas of Natal cards during his/her lifetime.

In astrology, there is a rule that says, "Stars assume, but do not force." Therefore, it is important to remember that influence of planets on the health of a person can always be weakened by self-discipline, a correct diet and appropriate thoughts.

Until now, traditional medicine has dealt only with diagnostics and treatment of illnesses after signs of disease presented and the patient visit a doctor because he/she is already sick.

During our time, however, a growing number of doctors silently use astrology in the diagnostics of some diseases. These doctors know that in cases of serious diseases, early astrological diagnostics can define border between a life and death.
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Rachel Madorsky is known worldwide as an expert on natural healing and award-winning author of Symphony of Your Karma; Create Your Own Destiny, Karma of Your Destiny, Your Choice, and Energy and Health. She is one of those rare, gifted people, born with the ability to heal, devoting her life to what she wants to do most – help people. She maintains a private consulting practice.

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