Being fabulously forty and beyond, we are very much aware that anyone can be a father, but only few can be called a dad.

My father was only 18 years old when I came into this world. Lucky for me, he was smart, caring and kind enough to figure out the formula for being a “great dad” and dedicate his life to his kids and his family.

My dad was always my rock, my support channel, my advisor and friend. He was the guy who held me in his arms when I cried for hours. He was the guy who held my hand when I laughed hysterically at life because I had no tears left to cry. And until I married my husband, he was the only man I trusted and the only man I could confide in.

Many years ago, I sat with my dad during lunch and complained that my life was not working out as I had planned. I was distraught, concerned and disappointed, and felt like a ship adrift at sea. He reassured me that everything would be okay, but for once his fatherly wisdom didn’t put me at ease.

Sensing this, he reminded me, “Remember when you were stressed out because your business was crumbling down? I told you that it would all work out one day, and you said it was not possible. Remember?”

I nodded my head, recalling an earlier time when we sat at the same restaurant, discussing how my business and personal life were falling apart. I also recalled him saying that God would hear all my prayers and that they would be answered.

He continued, “Believe me when I tell you, this will all work out just like you’ve planned.” I remember looking at him with teary eyes and asking, “What if this time he will not hear?”

My dad smiled, took my hand, and said, “Honey, he already heard. Your wishes are being granted as we speak.”

As we finished our meal and I hugged him goodbye, I felt a great weight lifted from my shoulders. Nothing had changed on the outside as a result of our conversation. But on the inside, I somehow knew that everything would be okay.

Those who have watched “The Secret” might claim that it was the power of attraction or the positive attitude I had when we got up from the table. To me, however, it was simply a father reassuring his daughter that everything will be okay because he will be there, providing his support, love and wisdom through all the ups and downs of life.

Today, when I often feel like my life couldn’t get any better, I can look back and say that it was my father who gave me the confidence to move forward and never look back. What a gift that was!

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Yana Berlin founder of The only sorority of its kind for women in their PRIME. Join us as we embark on our journey to the best part of our lives.