The popularity of honeymoon cruises has never waned and it's one of the first choices pre-newlyweds look at to start their lives together.

The choices are endless and the special treatment offered to newly-weds by cruise companies makes them an attractive proposition. The intimacy experienced on a cruise ship is unbeatable and the memories priceless.

Four Cruise Destinations To Consider

So what are the best honeymoon cruises on offer? Destinations such as the Caribbean, Tahiti, Europe and Hawaii quickly spring to mind. Here's our top four honeymoon cruise destinations to consider:

1. Europe is a perfect setting for honeymooners. It's just about on top of everyones preferred romantic holiday destination because of it's history and romantic settings. Whether you want to visit the Greek Isles or the French Riviera or simply include Rome as part of your itinerary, Europe is hard to beat for a first time getway together.

2. The Caribbean has many exotic attractions and for a couple very much in love, it's an ideal setting for honeymooners. Caribbean cruises include either eastern or western Caribbean excursions with stops at locations such as St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Cozemel in the west.

3. Tahiti is one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet and while a cruise to this part of the world can be a little costly, it's well worth it. Apart from the activities on the ship, Tahiti offers some of the most romantic locations with the most lasting impressions being left by the crystal clear waters.

4. Hawaii will make any top cruise list and for a couple on a honeymoon, it's just perfect. Visiting islands such as Maui and Kauai, the beauty of honeymoon cruises to Hawaii is you get to spend a lot of time on the islands themselves and they are very affordable. Seven night excursions to Hawaii can be bought for under $1000.

As with shopping for any cruise deals, shopping for honeymoon cruises is no different. Once you have set your wedding date, organizing your trip should be one of your first priorities.

Booking well ahead makes good sense and by shopping around and comparing prices you'll give yourself the best chance of landing the best deal. Remember, most of the top cruise lines service the areas mentioned above so don't limit yourself to just one company or service.

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