Happiness is high up on everyone's wish list, because when you are happy things go your way. Yet happiness is a rare commodity and the much lauded ideal of "the art of happiness in all circumstances" an even rarer reality which eludes most of us.So, the theory sounds great, but just how do you get these happiness skills?

Actually it is not as complicated as you may think..

It all begins with vibrational frequency, because happiness, just like everything else you think, feel and see in this universe is made up from energy.

In order to be happy you need to align yourself with the vibrational frequency of happiness. This is not new, but the problem most people have is that they have no idea how the apply this theory in their daily lives. In fact, most people are stuck in a rut because they are influenced beyond reason by their environment. Yes, believe me, you are what you repeatedly do. In other words, if you watch television every day and focus on the bad news pouring out of the TV, the radio or the newspapers on the hour every hour you will be lowering your vibrational frequencies.

You see it is a fact of our existence that the media believes in problems and so do you. You think that all those problems you have are going to be there forever and, worse still you believe that solving problem is difficult. But is that really so?

Well, I beg to differ, since all your problems in your life stem from the flawed understanding of what problems really are all about. Problems, put simply, are just an attitude. If you think you do not have an answer or solution to am issue, you think you have a problem.

Now, I want you to consider this: You probably know that the basic building block of everything is energy. Events, thoughts and feelings are just energy on different levels of frequency. Therefore, since everything is frequency and each frequency level contains limitless events that are in harmony with that frequency you can only have a problem if you believe that you have one, or put differently: You have a problem when you align yourself with a problem frequency.

Happiness of course is a high level energy frequency. If you consciously hone happiness, you will soon become aware that you have the answer to all your problems. Yes, it is true, what many a guru says: The answer to everything is already there. You really do not need to search for answers and worry yourself into a stressed out and anxious state of mind. The solution to your problems is not in searching for answers, but in aligning yourself with a higher frequency that has indefinite answers on its level.

This is the real reason why you should work on being happy. It increases your vibrational energy, you feel so much better and this helps you to solve all the problems you deem to have. You should do everything to relax instead of working harder and harder wearing yourself out in the process. Learn to meditate and work on releasing all your old mental debris, that causes subconscious self sabotaging habits.

My advice to you is to avoid the things that lowers your energetic frequencies. Start with reducing the time you spend watching the news and reading the papers. Believe me, if something very important happens, someone will tell you.

If we all refused to read all the negative stuff out there this negativity would sooner or later cease to exist. After all bad news only sells because we keep lapping it up in the mistaken belief that we have no alternative.

Make sure you spend time relaxing at home. Enjoy your family and friends. Feed your mind: Educate yourself. Read books that help you with your resolve to be happier and attend workshops to raise your energetic frequency. The choice is yours.

One thing is guaranteed, you will get what you focus on, every time. If you want happiness and a life free from those problems, that you believed until now you cannot solve, learn to focus on what you want and take appropriate action.

Author's Bio: 

Mercedes Oesteramnn van Essen is a human development coach and author. She teaches problem solving techniques and has developed the Happy Venn Diagram of envornment, body and mind. Sign up for the FREE course: 5 Little Knows Secrets To Happiness at ThroughHappiness.com.