In these strange economic times, for home buyers - a person looking to purchase a home could not find a better time to be getting the best deals available within the housing market. With home buyers looking for steals and sellers looking for an out and banks selling off homes at cut-rate prices, the opportunities could not be better, favoring the home buyers.

The old school conventional wisdom within the housing industry just does not hold water today and can actually get in your way of getting your best low-ball deal on a house you want to buy. A low-ball offer can best be summed up as any offer that is less than a large percentage of the asking price.

The current market dictates that seller needs to consider every offer made from prospective home buyers, no matter how low the offer is. Home buyers should make low-ball offers in this market because they could come out way ahead of the game.

Home buyers should also keep a few things in mind before buying a house simply because it seems like such a steal. Shopping around for the right home for you and your family can be a real emotional roller-coaster of a ride. Shopping for homes is not like shopping for anything else you have shopped for before. It is important to stay focused on what you really want and what you need when buying a house.

Home buyers check list.
The size of the house, the location, the age of the home and many offer variables need to be accessed before jumping on a deal.

Does the house you are considering have a good school nearby that your children will be attending? Is the home surrounded by neighbors you would rather watch on reality TV than live next door to? The home may be next to a nice wooded area, but were you aware that the land was sold and a new shopping mall is going to be next to your back yard sometime next year?

As you can see, for any serious home buyers, there are a lot of considerations to check out before purchasing a new home. Is the home you are considering maintenance free or will you have to do some major renovations to suit your tastes? Honestly, this "consideration" list goes on and on.

The most important thing that you can do before shopping for a home is to make an extensive list of all the considerations that need to be taken into account before buying. You will find some things you can live with while other things can't be sacrificed for any amount of money.

Remember that old Beatles' song, "Money Can't Buy Me Love"? Keep that in mind when you decide to put a low-ball bid in on some house you found that is right next to the train tracks and expressway. Your family will love you for making a list, then checking it twice before buying.

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