The true nature of healing is about generating optimum energy in order to fully enjoy living your life. Healing is much more than a technique of doing, it is a state of Being; Being at peace with ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, and our lives. Let's explore how to create more healing ...The true nature of healing is about generating optimum energy in order to fully enjoy living your life. Healing is much more than a technique of doing, it is a state of Being; Being at peace with ourselves, our bodies, our relationships, and our lives. Let's explore how to create more healing energy to improve your health and the quality of your life.

Healing is a return to wholeness by achieving balance in your life. To get started, we need to explore the nature of health and let go of some outdated concepts. During childhood, were taught that healing is only a means to fix and cure. We learned that healing happens as a reaction to illness or something to focus on when we're sick.

Many traditional methods of healing in our culture are about fighting and conquering illness and disease. However, the fundamental flaw with these approaches is that they consider healing a static, something to "do" once you're already sick.

There is a saying," a person is alive, but not really living." Traditional healing is about keeping the body alive, sometimes at all costs. In the medical field, death is seen as a failure.

There are many souls trapped in physical bodies due to the advancement of medicine. There are even machines that will keep your lungs breathing for you. Just keeping a body alive, doesn't produce a state of healing.

Wholeness honors and respects all four levels of your being. It begins by owning and respecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These four levels of being or "bodies" are the foundation to wholeness that leads to creating optimum health. Genuine healing is a return to wholeness by achieving balance in your life.

The Four Levels of Your Being that Produce Health and Wellness.
The first level of healing is with your physical body. It's the most visible aspect of our being. We can easily identify and see the symptoms of illness physically. However, the lack of illness doesn't define a state of health and wellness.

Unfortunately, many people use their body as the only barometer to determine if they are healthy or ill. If there are no symptoms or pain in my body, then I must be healthy. Right? That like saying, well if we aren't at war... then we must be at peace! Right? Wrong! You'll soon see that the physical body is only the first of four bodies to evaluate your state of health and wellness.

Healing begins by making choices to care for your body. Ask yourself these questions to evaluate your relationship to your body.

Do you appreciate your physical body? Do you find it easy to accept or do you constantly criticize your body? Are you ashamed of your body? Are you measuring it against standards of perfection that are impossible to achieve?

If so, then ask yourself why and write down your answers in a journal. Writing it down helps you reflect deeper. These four questions will help determine your current relationship with your physical body and can be a catalyst to jump-start your healing process. Be honest with your answers and write them down.

You may discover you have been in a very dysfunctional relationship with your body. If so, forgive yourself and begin to accept, appreciate and respect your body, just as it is. Acceptance, appreciation, and respect will quickly change the dysfunctional relationship with your body. It can also help develop positive habits to care for your body and nurture it toward health.

A Few Suggestions to Appreciate and Respect Your Body;
Exercise daily to provide stimulation to your internal organs.
• Eat nourishing foods with live energy such as fruit and vegetables.
• Breathe oxygen-filled air to continually renew your energy.
• Expose your body to sunlight in small doses on a regular basis.
• Sleep well and allow for plenty of time to rest and revitalize.
• Discover new ways to experience pleasure and comfort.
• Accept any physical limitations and love your body as it is.

The Second Level of Healing is with Your Emotional Body.

The next level of healing is within your emotional nature. Many people experience a dysfunctional relationship with their emotional body. This is due to a lack of understanding of the nature of emotions. We were never taught how to keep our emotions healthy. Instead, we were encouraged to devalue and repress them producing emotional negativity. This unhealthy relationship leads to emotional stress and can be the source of many physical health problems.

Science is now discovering how emotions have a direct and immediate effect on the physical body. It is almost instantaneous and is the basis of the body-mind connection. For example, fear triggers adrenaline and causes the fight or flight response in a millisecond of that feeling being triggered.
Mental-emotional stress influences your physical health, by changing your chemistry, immune system and blood pressure.
What constitutes a positive emotion versus a negative one? Many people get stuck when it comes to dealing with their emotional body.

The most common reason is that we divide our emotions into categories of "good" and "bad" feelings. The "good" ones we have deemed worthy of feeling. On the other hand, the "bad" emotions are deemed unacceptable, and we tend to ignore, deny or repress them. It is our judgment of our emotional nature that creates the dysfunction on this level of our being.

Judging emotions as "good" and "bad", creates emotional negativity. Traditionally we're taught to feel the "good" or as I prefer to call them, "expanding emotions", then we are being positive. However, if we feel the "bad" or "contracting emotions", we are being negative. This division of good and bad with your emotions produces negativity that leads to dysfunction.

You'll begin to create healing on this level rapidly, by changing how you define your emotions. Begin by letting go of the judgments of good and bad. Instead, think of them as expanding and contracting. Then think about breathing and ask your self, "Is inhaling good and exhaling bad?" No... you need to do both to breathe properly, and so it is with your emotions, they work together expanding and contracting to guide and protect you through your life. When you let go of the conditioned judgments from your childhood you will take a major step toward emotional health and wellbeing.

Honesty is the most positive emotional state of being. Being emotionally aware of your feelings regardless if they are expanding or contracting is being honest about how you really feel. Simply being honest, is the most positive relationship you can have with your thoughts and feelings, so drop the judgments of good and bad, and just be honest. Self-respect is not having to apologize for how you honestly feel, it is a state of honoring your thoughts and feelings. This is one way to develop self-respect.

All emotions have a purpose and offer feedback about your life. Every emotion is a natural feedback mechanism to gain a greater understanding of how you're doing in your life. They are meant to provide guidance on your journey through life. To fully respect yourself is, to be honest with how you feel emotionally so that you can change it. Denying emotions keep them alive and can haunt you for years. When you think about an area of your life that isn't working the way you want, you will naturally feel constricting emotions and likewise, the areas that are working well will feel expansive.

If you feel anger, then be angry! Don't try to convince yourself that your not. Feel it, express it (responsibly) and release it (forgiveness) and then get back to feeling happy and free again. Emotional honesty is the most powerful and positive way to be. However, if you deny your anger, you can attract all kinds of negative experiences, all in the name of trying to "be positive". It never works to deny what you are honestly feeling. Honesty is the best policy and will set you free especially on an emotional level.

How to Develop a Healthy Relationship with Your Emotional Body.
It begins with honesty and a willingness to feel and express your emotions and then releases them. Whether its anger, hurt, love, or joy, the emotions need to be felt and released. This creates a positive emotional state of being. How we relate to our emotions determines their positive or negative impact on our lives.

Can Love be Negative and Anger be Positive? Yes, they both have the potential of being either positive or negative depending upon how you relate to them. When you express your emotions, they become a positive influence in your life. Likewise, when you repress them, they turn negative and can wreak havoc on your health.

Unexpressed love can be tremendously negative. Repressed love can change the chemistry of your body, your blood pressure and eventually contribute to heart disease. Love on an emotional level is energy. When we refuse to let the energy flow, it becomes repressed and can cause many physical complications.

How to turn anger into a positive experience: Anger that you feel (honestly), express (responsibly) and release through forgiveness, can create positive changes in your life. Anger holds a part of your will power. When you feel your anger and express it constructively, you can access this trapped will power to create discipline and positive changes.

How to begin honoring your emotional nature. Begin to give yourself permission to feel all of your emotions without judgment and to express them constructively. You can best do this, by journaling. Write down your feelings on a regular basis is a great way to express this energy and release it from your emotional body. It may take some practice, but it will ultimately lead to a healthier state of being.

The Third Level of Healing is on the Mental Level
The power of our mind is limitless. How do you relate to this God-given gift, called your human mind? Do you recognize the value of it to change your life or do you disregard your mental power? Most people have never been taught to appreciate the power of their minds.

Mental empowerment begins by making a personal choice. Understanding how the mind works and how to use the mental tools that are available to you begins mental empowerment.

The four mental tools to create wellness (as well as any other change in your life) are:

1. Imagination 2. Thoughts 3. Beliefs 4. Choice.

These four mental tools contain the power to improve or destroy your life. They create the nature of your attitude and your self-image. You can not fully understand your inner power without owning these tools and using them to create the life you desire. Mental healing begins by making a choice to use the power of your mind.

THE CHOICE: To believe your thoughts are powerful and attract and create your experiences... or, to believe that it doesn't matter what you think. Life isn't a choice, it is only an experience that you have no control over.

If we deny our thinking and imagination, we are out of alignment with our mental power on this third level of our being. Thus, disempowered on the mental level of our being; leading to illness rather than wellness.

When you believe your mind holds the key to your personal power, you become more conscious of your thoughts and choices. You understand that your imagination is where all change begins; First in your mind and then in your life. Make the choice to understand these tools, learn about them and use them to lead you closer toward healing and wholeness.

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge." -Albert Einstein

Disempowered individuals believe that the imagination is just "pretend" and has no power, it is only make-believe. When we engage our imagination and visualize the healthy expression of ourselves in our minds, we will create the blueprint of our future. Your imagination is a preview or your life's experiences. Use it!

How to Access the Power of Your Imagination to Change Your Life. The quickest way I know is to practice visualization and guided imagery techniques. You can discover how to focus your attention and use your imagination by learning to meditate. This is the quickest method I know to gain access to the power of your mind.

The Fourth Level is Spiritual Healing: Your Relationship to the Divine.

Your spiritual nature, regardless of your religion or lack of it, is about a personal and private relationship with the Divine, with God. What is God? Most simply put, God is Love. To honor God is to honor your relationship with love.

Beyond the emotional expression of human love is divine love. A love that begins by being understanding, compassionate and forgiving. Divine love is so much more than emotional love. It is the ultimate state of being. Being a loving person becomes the foundation through which you establish permanent healing and activate your life-force energy to create wholeness that leads to mental, emotional and physical healing.

Spirituality is your personal relationship with God. If God created... all-that-is, then everything is a creation of God (love). Spirituality is the way we relate to our lives with love or without it. Spirituality is not a ritual we do on Sunday and it's not a book with rules and regulations, that's religion. Spirituality's only rule is love. Love is the way you relate to living your life.

Spirituality is your personal relationship to everything in your life. Spirituality is your relationship with your body, emotions, and mind. Spirituality is your relationship to your work, money, family and friends and it all hinges upon whether those relationships are based on love and understanding or judgment and separation. Being loving is the most healing and powerful experience to change the nature of your life. It is the ultimate healing energy.

When we honor our relationship with God we recognize that our free-will choice to love God is really about choosing to love ourselves and everything and everybody in our lives.

The nature of healing is focused on loving yourself enough to:,
- Nurture your body by meeting its needs for health
-Honor your emotions and handle them honestly
-Value the power of your mind to overcome resistance to change
-Knowing that spirituality is simply about choosing to love
-Ask God for healing and strength to reach your full potential
-Remember that God isn't separate from the physical world.

The purpose of holistic healing is to create heaven on earth by becoming whole and at one with all that is. Only then can wholeness and healing become as natural as breathing. The true nature of health becomes the way we live our lives, not just a quick and temporary cure to fix or keep our body alive!

Aliveness is a natural way to increase your energy. Aliveness emerges from a healthy relationship with all four levels of your being, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Aliveness is being physically energized, emotionally free, mentally clear and spiritually connected to life.

Spirituality healing is a choice available to everyone. The choice to access the power within whenever we choose and to remember we are loved by God and the way to love God is to love our lives and create a healthy wholeness with all-that-is. Applying these secrets will increase your healing energy and create positive changes on all levels of your life.

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