It is getting close to that time of year when we are going to be entertaining more than usual and we will need a Master Plan in order to remember everything on our lists.
Entertaining can be stressful, there are so many things to think of and plan for, things to purchase, not to mention when we are going to have the event.

With this handy checklist, you will be stress-free, all areas will be well planned for and you will be ready for the big event. By learning how to manage your time, priorities and life you will be able to enjoy the holidays knowing that you have everything organized.

Things to Decide
What is the parties theme
Will you have drinks, punch, and sodas?
Will you have a sit down meal, buffet, appetizers, Snacks, Breads, cakes?
How many people will you invite?
What is the date and time of your party and by when should they RSVP
Is the party at your home or do you have to reserve a place?
What types of food are you going to offer?
Is someone else going to help you plan and execute the party?
If so, what will their responsibilities be?
Plan a time chart for things that need to be accomplished

Cost's to Plan for
Table piece, tablecloth, napkins, paper plates if used, as well as cutlery and cups
Food and beverages-liquors, soda, juices-olives, mushrooms etc.
Caterer- if applicable
Rental space-if applicable
Entertainment or Music
Extra tables, chairs, Nescos, coffee pots etc.
Invitations, postage and envelopes

First Steps
Make your guest list
Make out the invitations and mail them
Purchase the decorations
Purchase tableware items
Contract for a hall or rental place to have the party
Contract for the caterer-if applicable
Pick out the music or contract with DJ or Entertainment Service
Contract with any rentals
Start purchasing things for your menu

Plan for Yourself too
Pick out the clothes, jewelry and shoes that you want to wear
Get the clothes cleaned and ready to go
Make an appointment to get your hair and nails done
Two Weeks Before
Check your list and make sure that you have everything available that you will need
Check to make sure that all food is purchased
Check the liquor cabinet for the last minute items
Confirm with guests of the time and date
Check with all contracted people that everything is running smoothly

Four Days Before
Shop for last minute items
Gather all necessary things together
Make a list of items that have to be returned to other people

Three Days Before
Clean the house
Wash and wax the floors
Hang the decorations
Set up the extra tables and chairs
Make a list of the things that you will serve so you don't forget to put anything out
Pick out the dishes and utensils that you will use to serve items

The Day Before
Cut all vegetables and arrange if serving cold
Get meat ready- cook ahead that way you can just heat up
Get all food items finished that can be reheated the following day

Put the tablecloth on and the centerpiece
Add the plates, knives, forks and napkins
Don't forget the salt, pepper and butter
Put everything that needs to be warmed, in the Nescos, Slow Cookers and oven
Go get your nails and hair done
Get dressed
Turn the music on and light a few candles
Greet your guests
Get the beverages ready
Serve the meal or food that you took such great pride in planning

Holidays are a great time of year to spend with family and friends, renew old acquaintances and friendships and to relieve past memories. With a little planning and organizing, you to can enjoy yourself and look forward to the next party or get-together.
Jan Hayner offers tips and hints on organizing and shortcuts to help you take the stress out of living.

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