Most people know how to ride a bicycle. It's a rite of passage in childhood. But most people do not know how to juggle.

Question: what's the difference between juggling and riding a bike?

Answer: juggling is easier.

Think about it. If you mess up riding a bike, down you go.

If you mess up juggling, some balls fall on the floor. Big deal!

Bike riding requires some pretty advanced mechanical apparatus.

Juggling requires three things that can fit in your balls or oranges ought to do the trick.

Bike riding is total body coordination. Juggling is just hand-eye.

Quetion: so how come almost everyone can ride a bike and few can juggle?

Answer: belief. You were told that juggling was hard and you believed it.

If you have normal hand-eye coordination I can teach you to juggle in less than half and hour...

...if you believe you can.

When I'm not operating my consulting and publishing businesses, my occupation is director of guidance at a high school. One of the things I do with students is teach them how to juggle.

I've tested my theory about belief with all different kinds of students for the past ten years. The ones who were the most successful were those who had high achievement, who had a belief system that said they are SUPPOSED to achieve and do well.

The worst...those who consistently got the message that they can't do new things...that they are screw ups, that they won't amount to anything.

Sometimes they got this message from the school, but I think it started way back when they were little. They believed it, and they unconsciously chose actions that reinforced their self-perception as a loser.

When I taught an alternative education class for troubled high school students we spent two weeks on juggling. Two thirds of them were eventually willing to try. They all got it eventually.

The other third resisted with all their might.

Guess who eventually graduated from high school?

If you BELIEVE you can do something, you will structure your life and your choices around that belief. It will eventually happen. If you BELIEVE you are supposed to BE a certain way, the same thing will happen. You will make choices that will conform to your belief system.

The same thing happens in reverse. If you believe you are supposed to fail, supposed to be in debt, supposed to be incompetent, you will manifest that reality.

You BECOME your beliefs.

If you believe you are supposed to be poor, you will find a way to make it happen.

If you believe you are supposed to be abundant and prosperous, that will happen as well.

But you will have to restructure your daily existence.

Where to start? Email me at and I'll show you how to juggle (for real).

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Larry Hochman, C.A.G.S. is a high school guidance director and an
independent consultant specializing in career, personal and
professional development. He and his wife Diane operate Totally New You, which
helps working parents build home businesses.
Mr. Hochman can be reached at (888) 211-1577, Ext. 607. To receive his
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