Why are people afraid to win?

The reason is that winning is heavy. You have to set a responsibility and set an example ... people try to knock you off.

It doesn't matter what happens, it's how you take it.

One of my very first self-development inspirations is from a 30 minute audio from Denis Waitley called Developing Winner's Habits. It's focus it describing what the perfect Winner would look like or as he puts it ... The 10 Traits of a Total Person.

He admits he has never seen one but if there could be one, he or she would be like this:

Positive Self-Awareness
(that the world is abundant)

Positive Self-Esteem
(how can you love others if you don't love yourself)

Positive Self-Control
(losers let it happen, winners make it happen)

Positive Self-Motivation
(you'll move toward what you dwell on)

Positive Self-Expectancy
(optimism is the biology of hope)

Positive Self-Image
(the thermostat in your head - set it high)

Positive Self-Direction
(goal-setting is the way to achieve your purpose)

Positive Self-Discipline
(practicing within when you are without)

Positive Self-Dimension
(be in control of your time, NOW and it's gone)

Positive Self-Projection
(persisting again and again as preview of coming attractions)

This is powerful and awesome information.

It was posted on my motivation board over 7 years ago underneath Stephen R. Covey (7 Habits of Highly Effective People) and Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich)

>From Stephen ...
The Ultimate Human Freedom
(Self-Awareness, Conscience and Creative Imagination. Also, Independent Will and the power to choose, respond and change)

>From Napoleon ...
The 13 Steps Toward Riches
Specialized Knowledge
Organized Planning
Power of the MasterMind
Mystery of Sex Transmutation
Subconscious Mind
The Brain
The Sixth Sense)

I even memorized these once.

Now you guys know all my secrets. Boy did I give away the store or what?

I hope you do something with it!

As Waitley says ... "Everyday is the Super Bowl."

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