Wow! What does Honor MEAN anyway? Yes, honor your Mother on Mother's Day and everyone (including yourself) everyday. Understanding Honor will help you in life, today and in your future.

I remember back when I was going through a four-month qualification to be a Naval Officer, how I felt the Honor of serving my country twice each day, morning and evening, as the U.S. flag was raised and taken down during traditional ceremony.

Did this "tradition" change me ... even make me better? It certainly made me feel grateful and appreciative toward others who went before me, whose actions and commitment to country made possible the freedoms we now enjoy. People even died in this Cause, and I thought that citizens who were apathetic, took their life for granted, who complained about things like not having a new car, didn't "Get it", when many sacrificed EVERYTHING for God and country.

It actually made me feel GREAT. My "Cause" meant something to me, being proud to represent a Navy who patrolled the World's waterways to allow you and I to live as we CHOOSE.

Honoring people who do things positive with their lives is an extremely worthy endeavor which I challenge you to take on. First, decide to do something positive with YOUR life, then empower others to follow in your bold example.

Russell H. Conwell, author of "Acres of Diamonds" and founder of Temple University in Pennsylvania committed each day of his life to do the work for two (2) people ... himself, and that of a Junior officer who he served with during the Civil war who was killed during wartime in an act of bravery. I imagine Mr. Conwell felt that he had to "make up" for the loss. In any event, it is a very strong demonstration of honoring his comrade.

It is important to have reasons for what we do each day. I still try to figure out my reasons and question their validity. Does what I spend my time doing, justify the time, money and effort expended? If it didn't, more likely than not, I would just put down the pen, and do something else.

Being the spiritual being which I purport to be, I have concluded that it is the entire reason I was born, to fulfill some end which it will take my entire lifetime to figure out.

At age seventy-eight, Benjamin Franklin wrote in his memoirs, "On the whole, tho' I never arrived at the Perfection I had been so ambitious of obtaining, but fell far short of it, yet I was by the Endeavor a better and happier Man than I otherwise should have been, if I had not attempted it." Ben Franklin obviously Honored his time on the planet.

One of the Ten Commandments from the Holy bible is "Honor your father and mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you." I am certain there is a good reason for this as well.

In general, Honor is a powerful human force which lifts up each and everyone of us. It makes EVERYONE feel good ... and when it is not evident among people, some actually get hurt, and sometimes pretty bad.

Apply Honor today, with Mom, and everyday with EVERYBODY... so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and your life!

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch
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