The world wants hope and I can only speak from my own experiences.

It's difficult to focus on goals, dreams and life aspirations when, due to current events, it seems that people have permanently lost their fragile grasp on serenity.

If I want to make my life better, I must define what that means, what needs to be done to achieve it, and put all else in the recycle bin of my mind and not forget to empty the trash. You can have anything that you want, you just cannot have everything.

I'd like to keep MY story simple, so you can relate, receive value and put some profound truth from it to work in your life. However, mine is not simple, for peace and truth take hard work to find, and a never-ending level of commitment to search out and understand why it is that man was put on earth for in the first place.

The imagination of one's own mind is limitless to the point of belief. Whatever it is that you believe, that is your limit.

When I was a teenager, my belief was that I had no limits ... I could stay up all night, party with my friends, wake up with hardly any sleep, and get through the day ok. Of course, I was right.

Why would things be different now?

Back then, I wanted to have Fun and I got it.

There is no reason why, today, I can't name what it is that I want and get it.

The first requirement though, is to KNOW WHAT IT IS I WANT.

Again, when I was a teenager, I wanted only one thing ... and I said to myself that if I get this one thing, everything would be alright. I was right. The one thing was to not live in fear. At that time, due to circumstances in my school, each day, from the moment I awoke until the moment I fell asleep at night, I experienced fear.

Once you are blessed and receive what it is that you want (and you will), share the process (what you wanted, what you had to do to get it, etc.) with others. Use your experience to explain how you got to where you are, from where you've been.

By doing so, you will receive peace in a world who is looking for it more than you may think.

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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