Do good things always happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people?

The most valuable lesson I learned from Psychology 101 was, "It Depends!"

Good things happen to those people who CREATE good things to happen to them.

The sower of the seeds EXPECTS these good things to happen ... for if they didn't, I think not that the effort would even be made to plant the seeds in the first place.

Experience teaches us the consequences of our actions. We, as individuals, have control over the experience we choose to take on, based on the hard decisions each of us actually make and move forward on.

So ... Good things will come to YOU, if you decide to "experience" whatever it is that will bring the Good things to you.

This "experience" is sometimes forced upon us by circumstance, but, most of the time the choice is Yours.

"Creating" Good things is as old a concept as life itself.

Creation has numerous understandings. We all must create the way for Good things to occur. Being "creative" is hard work, and this is definitely a solution to achieve whatever it is that you set down as a goal, dream or prayer.

It is said that *S*uccess only comes before *W*ork in the dictionary. What have you done (are you doing) TODAY for the reality to soak in? Is your Vision connected with the tiny moments that pass so quickly each day? What is happening in those moments?

The most logical procedure for Good Things to come into your life is to make a living full time, and to make a fortune part time. This is a conservative approach and VERY realistic for anyone to achieve, who is interested in an improved Lifestyle.

If you hate your job (like I do), you can drive yourself into a frenzy to do whatever it takes to change your life. I would not exchange my life for anybody's ... and that is only because my level of awareness tells me that my thinking is aligned (not perfectly) with my life's mission (to serve others).

I do not always enjoy serving others. I actually fight it regularly. However, it is this continuity (my connecting the dots concept) which bridges the gap between the bad things and the Good things.

Create Good Things. Make It Happen.

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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