As sure as the sky is blue, the water is clear and the trees are green, you are entitled to have success within your capacity to choose in life.

Once your success comes, it is easy to look back in hindsight and think you knew it would happen all along. However, some of us know that it is difficult to deal with the day to day set-backs which occur between setting each goal and the respective achievement thereof.

Looking back and looking forward is VERY different.

Timing is important. In many cases (not all), the best time is NOW. If it is not the right time to take action now, it very well IS the right time to "make the decision" NOW ... NOT to do something, and DECIDE when TO do it!

Most of your decisions will involve other people in life, so timing is essential especially because people do things in their time ... not yours, and this requires the valuable virtue of discipline and patience.

>From my own personal experience, people usually want things to happen "yesterday" ... "expedite" ... "rush" ... "do it now!"

All the seasons don't happen now, but they do happen. In the fullness of time and completion of certain and specific planning/action over time, your success will come. Be sure to examine, explore and "write down" what your success means so that you can live without regret. I think ahead excitedly about being truthful and honest with my grandchildren saying, "Papa went for it", thus providing them an example to chew on.

Be aware ... don't fall victim to the typical scenario I see too often as "the blind leading the blind." Become established in your endeavors. Walk the walk and Talk the talk which leads to success. You know things that others do not, and you must share with them these insights (truths).

"In the Land of the Blind, the One-Eyed man is King" -- L.T.

You will get there soon. Plan it, work at it, and your dreams will become real at the right time (when you are more ready.)

Follow the Scout oath "Be Prepared!"

Recognize your success when it is here. Help others ... encourage them to do the same. Others have encouraged you on your journey (by their example). Follow suit and the world will be better.

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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