Do you include everyone to participate in your life with you ... or are you always gravitating to the same clique? Do I need to ASK, or will you initiate your involvement with me? By associating yourself, and keeping open to all the people you encounter, day to day, anything and everything, is possible for you.

Do you seek out those who you WANT to participate in your life if your current "people-connections" are not helping you to achieve whatever it is you have set out for yourself to achieve? Did you ever think about helping them first?

Others will contribute to you ... once you begin the cycle. I figured this out, not too long ago ... that if I wanted more than I currently had, I had to DO more. This meant to change myself, getting up earlier, exercising more regularly and beginning to do more as far as reaching out to others and give of myself without expecting anything in return.

In Traditional business, most entrepreneurial-types only intentionally take action to contribute to others ... expecting to receive referral customers to improve their own net worth. This is their sole focus.

At the end of this method, the individual is left with money but not true relationship (satisfaction), or is left with money and relationship based ONLY on the almighty dollar. Without true friends and loving families, where will money get you?

Give others, all others, an opportunity ... just the chance to know some of the things that you know. Share with them so that they too can feel, experience, be exposed to, become aware of thoughts and ideas, understandings, knowledge, wisdom and thinking processes relating to some of the unlimited possibilities that have made your life better.

You will not always receive a return on your investment right away (time and money). However, by giving of your heart without expectation of material return, unlimited possibility DOES open up for you in life.

In America and in most of the Free World, we are blessed in a mighty way. Freedom of Choice is an option which, if you exercise it in a certain way, will lead you, personally, to optimize the only real resources you possess. Time and Money is what most people would give almost anything for.

Include others in your life. Share your joys with them. Tell them you have found a better way to live. Demonstrate this way day to day, moment by moment. People WILL take notice and copy you ... and this my friend is the highest compliment.

I am ASKING you to include me ... just to get the ball rolling. Your turn now. Who will YOU include today?

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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