Have you ever tried to figure out things you cannot understand ... the "mysteries" of life?

There is hope in understanding it all, however, the unlimited comprehension can come only from heaven above. Learn to tap into this.

You now possess a limited quantity of knowledge, understanding and experience. If you explore and examine what you are presently with (as opposed to without), is it not likely that you will receive more as you "wade" through whatever is in front of you?

Immediately, get yourself into the process of "moving" through what now exists for you, and I guarantee that the next "piece of the puzzle" will be handed to you ... the "piece" which is the Key to taking your life in the direction it needs to go.

By all means, plan your work and work your plan in complete detail. However, be sure to remember that the ONLY thing that will remain permanent in this process is Change.

On That road as you travel along on your success journey, you WILL pass through fog. While in the fog, you will lose some vision and clarity. It is at this time that you must slow down AND keep moving forward. As you do, as you slow, put on the fog lights and focus intensely on the terrain, soon you will see what is ahead. Then, you will know your next choice and take the correct turnoff (as in road exit) getting ever so close to your intended destination.

As the heat-seeking missile continually moves forward and adjusts course during trajectory, you too, must do the same.

The opportunity cost is too great if you do not. The blame leaves too much pain and regret. Could have, Should have, Would have, If only, Someday, Later, Maybe, etc. are words to avoid. Decide, be confident and resolve to perform what you ought without fail. When directing blame toward others for why you are not going for your dreams, you automatically create a void for not taking responsibility for your own success.

Show others to be more responsible, by being more responsible yourself (as an example) in your own doings.

Arrive to your destination on time and be willing to pay the tolls as you go. Your future can be an exciting place. Enjoy the drive and only look back to adjust your rear and side-view mirrors.

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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