There is never a good reason for doing the wrong thing. What you Believe will affect everything you do.

Many people are seeking hard sought answers in life. Some are looking for financial independence, others peace of mind, some health and others strong relationships and what not. We all want to do the right thing but, sometimes, unfortunately, more often than we'd like to admit, get steered into the wrong direction by others.

If you don't see or understand the complete picture, it is not wise to be presumptuous to think that you know the truth in the matter. The complete picture is your Vision for how you believe your life was meant to be.

Ideally, you and I develop the ability to have a clear, vivid VISION of our goals. This is vital to bring them about. Not only must your goals be written, measurable and realistic, but you must have a very clear mental picture of what it is you want to have happen - what you want to accomplish.

Your intention to make your "WHY you must have your Vision", will inevitably bring about the necessary changes, behavioral modifications and general "fail your way to success" How-To's to keep committed and make it real. Personal growth plays a huge part too, so continually read and grow mentally and emotionally as well. Keep the personal journal.

Journal your Journey. Take 15 minutes a day and record everything about the process you are involved in. What are you learning while going after this Goal? Record your emotions and insights into your behavior and the behavior of others ... like an autobiography. This provides the wherewithal, even the basic capacity ... to succeed.

The need to recognize Justice (or what is right) can also be known as discernment. Oppositely, saying something is not right can be described as condemnation, or just deciding it is wrong and not to be followed (when it may be right). Your Vision, I hope for your sake, is the right thing, as far as it being Just ... and brings quality and value to others.

When we expect something from others ... and then they do not "live up" to our expectation, we tend to condemn them for not doing OUR expectation. The reason for me mentioning this is because we definitely need other people in our life to succeed, and we have to somehow, come together, or create mutual expectations, i.e. "This is my responsibility / This is your responsibility (or task or pattern of behavior and action)."

Whatever you decide, (and Please, DO decide!) ... weigh things justly, take the appropriate action. If it's the right thing to do ... do it, if it's not, don't.

If you are not certain, seek wise counsel ... Others who know how to handle a situation, who have been through it and have learned by their own trials.

Be enriched with all God has for you and to learn to act rightly. Act with decisiveness and let the work of your hand be blessed.

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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