As a result of following a series of actions over time, you will receive the consequence, negative or positive of those actions. In life, we all have freewill to choose from an unlimited number of actions.

What beliefs do you trust in, and do your actions reflect this trust? These are the honest, gut-wrenching questions that when answered, from your heart, will change you, and the world will change for you.

The example you show by your actions, both inside the home and outside the home, each day, will ultimately provide for the essence of who you are and how things will be when the time arrives that you must leave this spinning planet.

Your Legacy is determined by what you do next. Yes, right now.

Your Lifestyle says much (everything) about you. Others look at it and decide how their relationship will be with you based on this Lifestyle.

Lifestyle was a concept I first discovered as a college student in N.Y. I was reading a Psychology text book and viewed some interesting copy which showed a picture of some people having fun in a hot tub in California. The article was discussing Lifestyle, and before this, I never thought about it. After seeing these people having fun in the hot tub, I thought, "I want some of this."

I live in California now and enjoyed many great hot tub experiences. The point is, others will be attracted to you by your lifestyle, if it is better than theirs, and if it is something they would like for themselves. Lifestyle is also an attitude, pleasant or unpleasant.

I recently changed my Lifestyle in my job. I learned a great line from a wise old man which is, "How are you doing this lovely day?" This works great ... try it, it makes everyone feel great. I couldn't believe how it changed my whole perspective on life and how others who heard my greeting warmed up to me so much.

I bet they wanted what I had, even though they didn't even know what it was. What I had was the solitude of mind to realize that I love life and appreciate the people in it. JT (James Taylor) sings "Shower The People You Love With Love." Lifestyle is not about money, or big houses, fancy cars, and the like. It is about HotTubs.

What makes you feel great about yourself. What is so exciting to you that you Must bring others into YOUR world. Figure it out. For me it was HotTubs (or Jacuzzi's). For you, it may be sleeping till Noon during the week ... I don't know.

If you love God, preach the gospel, and if you love life preach Lifestyle ... the Lifestyle you know is available for you, seeing it in your mind and pulling it into being by the Consequence of your Actions.

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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