Do you want to be like everyone else?

Did you do your Life plan ... is it completed?

How much of a part does Balance have to do with you rising above mediocrity?

Are you even Aware of the options life offers YOU!?

What are you doing this very day to create your future ... that coveted time when you reach the end of the rainbow to find YOUR "Treasure Chest / Pot of Gold?"

I remember when I first read that book "The Greatest Discovery" by Earl Nightingale and "discovered" that Thoughts are THINGS. It was an exciting time for me ... realizing I had found the puzzle piece that would make my life "right" finally.

When you examine the six magnificent inches between your ears, you will notice that as powerful as the human mind is, it has one serious limit.

It only holds one thought at a time.

Moving in the direction of your goals and Dreams requires that you live in a balanced manner to support the needs which are essential to forge forward each day.

If you know what you want in life, it is not difficult to divide your waking hours down to how much you "actually Think" about that respective area of your life. This would be similar to a financial budget where you separate your income into different envelopes so that when the bills arrive, the money is available.

When the opportunity shows up, knocking "BAM BAM" at your door, did you invest the Thinking to know what and how you will manage it (take full advantage... exploit / benefit from?)

This "Thinking Process" (or advanced preparation) is critical in all the areas in your life you deem important and are worthy of your time and attention to "Make Happen."

Balancing the "Thinking Process" to each respective area is a very sophisticated and mature method to make continued progress. The "Thinking" time, is where the Balance occurs. How much time you Think in each selectively chosen priority area.

You think about your God, Parents, Children, Friends, Business, Job, Retirement, Weekend, House, Car so many hours each day. It is not difficult. In that time, you Plan and Do. Structure your time appropriately.

Your mind is awesome and powerful ... IT will do as you tell it to. It will Think as you command it to Think ... the FIRST step before an effective action/result.

Trust this Process.

Treat everyone (all others) with respect ... (maybe) even more than you respect yourself, for the people in your world will make you full of joy.

And, Treat your Thoughts with Respect as well ... For they will dictate what your life will BE tomorrow.

YOUR Life is IN the Balance.

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Contributed by Ed Hirsch

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