A surefire way to succeed is to model what other successful people have done, and then take it a step further or adopt certain techniques and build on them when possible. There's an old saying that I think is right on. It say's "Success leaves clues".

I've always enjoyed reading the biographies of achievers, innovators, and leaders, not so much for the literary value of the books as what I gain from learning about the person. Biographies can be chock-full of "success clues"!

History, when studied reveals many shortcuts we can take on our personal journey of success. Plus it can help ensure that we don't make the same mistakes that others before us did.

Imagine finding a blueprint of the very steps that past presidents used to get elected, CEO's of businesses used to reach their place in the company, or virtually anything you can imagine. These are exactly the kinds of things that are waiting for you in the pages of great biographies and books.

I'll leave you with the this thought - readers are leaders...Yours in success, Josh Hinds

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