Winning Begins The Minute You Do.

Some of the most gratifying and satisfying feelings you can ever experience in life are those precious moments when you put your best to the test -- and you come out on top.

But in order for any of us to feel the exhiliration of walking in the cherished victory circle, we must first have the courage to begin. After all, how in the world could any of us ever expect to reach our goals and achieve our objectives if we are unwilling to get the ball rolling in the first place? Yet it seems as though the simple act of just getting started is almost too much for some people to handle.

Isn't it interesting that the 'getting started' part of the equation never poses much of a problem for the top achieving champions we see every day. They are the those super charged individuals who always seem to be full of fire – busting at the seams and raring to go. They jump at the chance to get started and then keep on going, never needing to be pushed or prodded along the way.

How about you? Are you ready to get the ball rolling right now? And if you are not ready right now, then when will you be ready? After all, winning begins the moment you do. In order to win, you have to begin. And since winning is your goal, why not begin right this minute?

Will you make some mistakes when you get started? Of course you will. In fact, you'll probably make a ton of them. But so what? You should never allow the prospect of making mistakes scare or intimidate you. It should be noted that winners make more mistakes than everyone else combined, but they are also the ones who make history as well.

The would-be winners of life are petrified at the prospect of making mistakes and consequently, they never get started. They are so busy wasting their time fretting, worrying, stressing and stewing that they never really accomplish much of anything at all.

You must make absolutely certain you never fall into this needless trap. You need to get going and keep going until you get where you want to go. And you will never get where you want to go ... if you fail get going right now.

A winner knows that he or she begins to win the moment he or she begins. The winner inside you wants to win and wants to win right now. The sooner, the better. The only sure way you can guarantee your success is to get started immediately. You need to understand that the only people who get hurt by waiting or procrastinating are you and your loved ones.

Don’t become overly concerned about making mistakes or getting knocked down. The top achievers realize that temporary setbacks just come with the territory. Regardless of your chosen area of excellence, you are going to fail every once in a while.

Like it or not, we all make mistakes. I would like you to commit this little phrase to memory –- failure is never fatal and never final. Mistakes and momentary difficulties should be viewed as only small bumps in the road, providing you a new chance to find a new way to do things even better than before.

The most successful people on earth have failed their way to success. That's right, winners throughout history have literally failed their way to success by constantly learning and profiting from the mistakes they've made. They have come to recognize that life is an ongoing learning adventure and that sitting around moping, whining or complaining will never get them any closer to achieving their goals.

A real winner plans to win, a real winner prepares to win, a real winner expects to win and a real winner plays to win each and every time out. Winners recognize that winning is a certainty when they show the courage to get started and to continue plugging away until they get the job done.

Each time you get knocked down, immediately get up, get better and then get going again. When you make a mistake, simply learn from the experience and move on down the road toward the attainment of your dreams. When you get started right now and vow to never quit, you'll start winning again too.

After all, winning begins the very moment you do.

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