Using Popular Songs to Alleviate Depression

After using songs and music to teach English in Japan for over 12 years, it occured to me that music had a strong effect on the mood of all listeners. I started to research the subject and found that although music is not required for human survival, it has been discovered by every culture on Earth! I noticed the effects first in the classroom and wondered if poular music could be used to effect mood enhancement. Further into my research I found the following study :

Montreal Neurological Institute, took PET scans of musicians' brains while they listened to pieces of music that gave them "chills" of euphoria. The works included many forms of popular music. The music, the researchers reported, activated similar neural systems of reward and emotion as those stimulated by food, sex and addictive drugs.

Having found scientific evidence that backed my assumptions we set out to alleviate depression and/or uplift the mood in any setting with music. The results have been amazing and the full details (and the CD it produced) are at

Author's Bio: 

IE Hewitt
Age 43
Educator in Japan
Author Edutainment : How to teach English with Fun and Games