The scene of sitting in a cafe by yourself watching others in groups or as a couple can be painful. Often we wonder what is wrong with me and why am I alone. This is not just a dating situation it can be even the search for good friends.We are all inter-connected and desire human contact. The feeling of wanting to interact with others and not getting the chance can be very defeating. It is the ultimate pain when you realize you are alone.It is important to remember at times like these that you are actually not alone.

That is right -- you are not alone. Loneliness is a horrible thing. When being interviewed by a reporter Mother Theresa was asked what she wanted from the world, she said, “”I wish that you find a lonely person and tell them that they are loved”. God did something spectacular; he created us interdependent on each other. We are a creation that needs each other. There is a wonderful purpose for this, the purpose is that we have a hidden enemy and it is called the self.

This self can be easily fooled by sight and materialism. Because we see ourselves as separate we believe we are separate. On the lowest level of our being this is exactly how we see things but I sure you that those who live this way are missing the bigger picture.

Loneliness can kill you; this is not just speculation but fact. When people live alone there is a decrease in life span. This is due to the interconnectivity of all species. The creator does this because God loves increase, he commands be fruitful and multiply this is the nature of God to increase.

You cannot escape it, Cain asked God was he his brother’s keeper and the answer is yes he is. The blood of his brother cried out from the ground after his murder.

The Bible says God is a Father to the fatherless. Amazing the Source of all energy and life will be your Father if you are Fatherless.

Now as powerful as this is while you exist in this human form you will still need human contact, this again is for an increase of love in the world. It is still about God and others, this is the balance.

The lonely person must remember that they are never alone; there is a creator that they must learn to be closer to. This is a process and a journey but through the journey you are never alone. The human contact will come through a process of your spiritual growth. This can be instantaneous or it may be a process as well, all the while realize God is working it out for you.

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