Do you know that it is possible to use herbal remedies for acid reflux as a cure and treatment? You may not since the conventional method of treating acid reflux is with the use of antacids. However, naturopathic doctors say that herbal remedies can be used to help strengthen your digestive system; thereby giving you much relief and perhaps a cure, with any accompanying side effects.

For many diseases and illnesses, herbal remedies are now preferred by many as the treatment of choice. This is because synthetic medicines can produce more side effects compared to natural remedies. There are various research studies to support this evidence. Accordingly, some antacids have been shown to be able to affect the ability of your body to absorb vitamins and calcium. In some instances, antacids can also affect digestive functions by interfering with stomach secretions. These actions may relieve the sufferers instantly, would not really cure your acid reflux but may give you other digestive problems.

The effects of the said medicines can differ widely from one person to another. You may have a totally different reaction and bodily response as compared to another acid reflux sufferer. Some medications are helpful in relieving symptoms for some people but not necessarily in others. If you do not know that it is possible to use herbal remedies for acid reflux, you may feel tempted to try several different brands of antacids in the market just to find one that works.

However, using herbal remedies for acid reflux can be a better, effective and healthier choice. In fact, the fewer medications you consume each day, the fewer the chance of exposing yourself to toxins.

Antacid products contain aluminum hydroxide, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, aluminum phosphate, magnesium hydroxide, or a combination of these substances to neutralize stomach acid. Scientifically, these ingredients are known to inhibit effects on the functions of the human body. However, you may not be aware that for example when these compounds are ingested into your body, there are other harmful effects.

Naturopathic doctors say that your body has a natural coping mechanism to sustain itself and this fact is ignored when you use the antacid products for treating acid reflux. When hydrochloric acid is neutralized, the stomach which has an automatic response mechanism, may be stimulated to produce even more acid than before to compensate for what was lost. “Acid rebound” is a common result when the stomach produces more acids to replenish what have been neutralized.

Naturopathic doctors recommend using herbal remedies for acid reflux instead to help target and strengthen your digestive system. Herbal teas can also be consumed to help prevent nausea and heartburn symptoms. Your naturopathic doctor may additionally recommend that you undergo certain complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massage for greater digestive support and strength.

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