We live in an abundant universe. All the resources, support, and direction we need is all around. Failure is not an option in creating and growing your business - you may choose to quit, but failure is not possible with the economy of love. The Webster's definition of economy is the correct and effective use of available resources. And that is all building, marketing, and growing a business is - the effective use of your available resources.

We often attach a negative idea to resources... what words come up for you? Money, time, man power, ideas.....all the stuff that feels and seems hard! What if I shared that your most precious and abundant resource is within you right now. It is forever present, it is the most powerful marketing tool, and it is free. LOVE.

The economy of love in your business is what you can share with those you want to help, heal, support, inspire, and serve. The truth is - this is what your clients and customers want the most of anyway. They want to feel heard, nurtured, embraced, and celebrated.

Here are three ways the economy of love is used in my business and you can tweak it for yours, as well.

#1 Be more interested than interesting:

I am all for "tooting your own horn"- actually that is a form of love, but our clients come to us in pain or need. You will always be of higher service and greater good if you can listen to them in a deeply meaningful way. I always ask in the first session what my client's life will be like when they reach their business goal or launch their business or meet the next money goal. I ask for two reasons.... 1) I am so deeply interested. I love hearing those moments because they are their real stories. In those dreams are the opportunities to change the world. 2) That really is the story they WANT to share. The hardship and hard times are what might be most on their mind, but they want to share the victory and the vision. Compassionate curiosity is the economy of love.

#2 Stay in touch:

Some weeks it is not easy to write this newsletter. My assistants are always fussing at me for being a little late or behind. I want to share good ideas and I can often get caught up in perfectionism, but it always gets done because I care about you. I can't hold on to the ideas or information. It is almost too painful for me. I want to get it to you so that you can share it and change the world. I write weekly because I treat you like I would treat a good friend. I want to stay in constant touch and I want to give you support in a timely way. Staying in touch is the economy of love.

#3 Bless them and let them go:

This one is hard. In the beginning of my business when a client left or changed their mind it would really pain me. What did I do wrong? What did I mess up? Why would they do that? It is never easy to lose a client - it means a loss of income and change. Change is hard. Those clients leave for a reason. That change happens for a higher purpose. So, now I bless them and let them go. It feels so much better and I believe it shows myself more self love. Nothing is wrong. Nothing is bad. It just is. So, begin to let people go when the time is right. Letting go is the economy of love.

The resource is there right now and it is abundant. What if we all used love as our greatest marketing strategy? What would our world look like? What would our business look like? And remember LOVE is not all soft... and yes... and quiet. Love can be compassionate accountability, telling the truth, and some tough honesty with your clients.

(c) 2009 Suzanne Evans

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