You know you want to be successful, most people do.
But, do you know that the surest and quickest way to your own success is helping others?

It's true and it's within the law of attraction principles. Giving away that which you most desire opens the flood gates to your own success.
It also places you in the stream of meeting very helping and talented people who can then guide you on your journey to success.

Think for just a moment of really successful people, what do they all have in common?

They think success and share it through helping others. Successful writers, retailers, coaches.. all share the common bond of thinking successfully and sharing that helping attitude with others.

If you are a writer you are sharing wisdom that helps others live abundant lives. Join others in mentoring young writers just starting out and point them in the right direction.

Are you knowledgeable about blogging, website building, promotion, networking? Use this information to help others.

The more you give the more you receive.

I've often heard it said that “you can't out give GOD”... and that's the truth.

Start giving away what you desire to achieve in your own life. Use your gifts and talents, your knowledge base to encourage others in their goal to succeed.

Use network sites like Facebook to make new friends and share your videos, audio, text and website information with others. There are thousands of people waiting for what you have to share.

The more you reach out to others the more people will reach out to you.

Joe Vitali and others wonderful teachers suggest that you surround yourself with successful people. These people will have abilities you don't and will be delighted to aid you in your accomplishment of goals.

Your sphere of influence will grow the more you share and help and it comes full circle as people begin showing up in your life to help you.

Ghandi said, “be the change you wish for the world”.
You wish for success, fulfillment, joy, helpfulness??? BE that. Be that to everyone you meet. We all have something to share, teach and learn from each other. Open your arms and your heart, receive the gifts that abundantly fill your life experience.

Remember, you can't out give GOD, Source!!!!!

Author's Bio: 

Donna DeVane is a certified energy healer, life coach, mentor, writer and teacher.
She also hosts a radio show, Empowered Women.
Find out more about her and her work