Many of us simply throw away our used cans, without realizing that those old cans can actually be put to good use. In addition to the traditional recycling programs, there are a number of interesting and crafty uses to which old cans can be put. All it takes to make those old cans new again is a little bit of imagination.

For instance, one of the most unique uses for recycling products like used cans is as an attractive and functional candleholder. All you need to do is drive a small nail at the center from the bottom and use that old can as a candleholder. Surrounding the area around the candle with attractive pebbles or similar material can give the old cans a great new look as attractive candleholders. Another great use for an old can is to use it to create a giant candle that can burn for many hours. To make such an inexpensive candle all you need do is fill those used cans with melted wax and add a wick for a unique and attractive centerpiece.

For those who are into gardening, used cans can be used to grow a variety of herbs and ornamental plants. If you intend to use the cans for gardening, be sure to punch some small drainage holes in the bottom of the can. These drainage holes will allow excess water to drain from the plant so that the roots do not become waterlogged.

Another unique use for used cans is to make a pin cushion out of it. In order to make an attractive and useful pin cushion out of old cans all you need do is fill the can with cotton or wool, then cover it with a circle of cloth. Glue the cloth to the edges and the pin cushion is ready for use. Use attractive colors of cloth to match that of the can for an even better look.

For those into painting and home improvement projects, used cans can be used to mix small quantities of paints. This technique works great for artists as well. Used cans can also be used to create attractive and useful miniature baskets. All you need do is punch a hole on the top of the can at opposite sides and pass a string or cloth through to create a handle. These miniature baskets can serve a variety of purposes, including holding small soaps and other toiletries. Used cans can even be used to create unique and very inexpensive cookie cutters and biscuit cutters.

Tips for Creating Your Own Fertilizer Out of Household Waste

Those who are into gardening are naturally interested in the health of the environment. One of the best ways to cut down on the amount of household waste you generate while getting some high quality fertilizer is to compost table scraps, fruit and vegetable peelings and other such items.

By composting things like food waste, lawn clippings and dried leaves you are helping the environment, and your garden at the same time. In addition, creating your own natural fertilizer is a great way to enjoy a beautiful garden at a very low price. Instead of having to buy expensive commercial fertilizers, you have a ready-made supply at your disposal week after week and year after year.

Some of the many items that can be composted include lawn waste, grass clippings, fallen leaves, vegetable peels, and fruit peels. Meat scraps, bones and similar items, however, should not be composted. The idea behind composting is that the beneficial bacteria will convert these raw materials into a high quality soil additive that is good for all kinds of plants, while at the same time keeping all those items out of landfills and dumps.

These natural fertilizers are among the most nutrient rich to be found anywhere, and they tend to be superior to most commercial fertilizers, while of course having a much lower cost. This natural fertilizer is a highly sought after commodity, and many successful gardeners like to share the natural fertilizer they create with fellow gardening enthusiasts.

There are of course commercial compost bins designed to help gardeners start creating their own natural fertilizer right away. These bins are a great choice for gardeners with limited space, or those who need a good supply of natural fertilizer fast. Of course, another solution is to build your own compost bin, using one of the many freely available plans or a ready to build kit. After the compost has matured into a high quality natural fertilizer, it can be added to the garden to provide many seasons of beautiful blooming flowers and lush healthy plants.

As you can see, ways to go about recycling products are limited only by your imagination.

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