I awoke to the feeling of being shook and felt scared because I didn't know what was happening. It later transpired that we had experienced an earthquake. As I reflected on this occurrence and my feelings at the time, for me, it was a metaphor for shaking up our lives. What do I mean by shaking up our lives? I mean taking the opportunity to really go for our dreams or to take that leap of faith, that step that feels huge. Most people don't take the opportunity to shake or change their world, or even their own environment, such as work, family or community.

Shaking up your world means taking your own unique ability,
strengths and gifts to either change things dramatically or to make progress towards change. The number one reason that I see stopping people from doing this is that they are
unaware that they personally have so much more to offer. There are also the people who at times have fleeting thoughts of their brilliance, but they let these thoughts pass without belief or action, probably due to fear.

I believe that you as an individual possess much more than you ever tap into. This may be in the form of wisdom, skills, beliefs, strengths, intuition, ability, and gifts.

A whole unique combination of all these things belongs to each of you as individuals. It may seem easier to play small in the world and not to look at your unique and true potential. However, by doing this, what are you and others missing out on?

Just as the earthquake was scary for me in the feeling of being shook, it can feel very scary to consider what you have, that potentially could add to or shake up your life and possibly others around you. Fear is a major factor that holds people back from going for many things. Thank the fearful part of you for being there, become its friend and embrace it on your journey, rather than be stopped by it. If rather than being stopped by fear, you took it by the hand and led it forward, what could you offer out to the world? Perhaps you're someone who works in a corporate
company and has some insight into improving communication, employee retention or leadership development. Possibly you run your own business and sense that there is a more innovative way of offering your product or service. Maybe you're an individual who wants to build a stronger community that you live in or have ideas on helping drug-addicts or single mothers.

Although it may feel scary to consider what you have to offer, it can also be very exciting. I believe that you do
have a sense of your magnificence, even if it's buried very
deeply. Perhaps you just haven't given it an opportunity to be unlocked and to shine brightly. You can unlock this at your own pace and this usually requires you stepping out
of your comfort zone. Although when you first step out of
your comfort zone it may feel difficult and fearful, you
will at some point become comfortable again. The first
step out of your comfort zone is to start the process of
seeing clearly what you have to offer that may potentially
shake the world. Whether you have much of an idea of what it is or not, start by committing your thoughts to paper. This allows you to see it clearer as it is today, and the opportunity to add to it and explore it more. Exploring it more involves considering the following:

· What are your ideas?
· What are you really good at?
· What do you want to change?
· Your values.
· What's important to you?

At this stage you may not know how you're going to go about
using your unique abilities and that's okay. Continue to write about them, dream about them and allow yourself to get really excited about them. When your enthusiasm and inspiration is increased dramatically, you will find that you naturally know what needs to be done. Your excitement and inspiration is infectious to people around you, even if
they don't know of your idea. This often draws the right people and opportunities to you.

What I want for you is to stop playing small and discover what your unique brilliance is.

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