On Halloween, our little "trick or treaters" get so much candy, full of sugar and chemical additives. Sugar is known to cause hyperactivity in children and dental caries, as well as mood swings, depression, and obesity. But, it's not only the sugar that's so bad for them. It's also the other chemical additives, including artificial and natural flavors and FD&C colors, most of which are derived from coal tar which is a carcinogen.

Here are five tips on how to reduce the sugar and chemical load this Halloween:

1. Instead of candy, give penny toys, removable tatoos, stickers, pencils, erasers, trading cards, little notebooks, apples or mini boxes of raisins.

2. If you have little ones, have a party at your house and give toys, stickers and healthy snacks.

3. Let your kids dress up in their costumes and take them to a movie instead of trick or treating.

4. Let your kids dress up in their costumes and take them shopping for a special toy

5. If your kids do go out trick or treating, let them choose 5 candy treats from their treat bag. Allow them to eat only 1 a day and put the rest away. They'll probably forget about the candy after that.

These hints will make your Halloween a little healthier and still let you fully enjoy the spirit of the season.

Author's Bio: 

Christine H. Farlow, D.C. is "The Ingredients Investigator" and author of FOOD ADDITIVES: a Shopper’s Guide To What’s Safe & What’s Not. Learn more food additives safety at HealthyEatingAdvisor.com.