Inspired by the popularity of the movies, ‘The Secret’ and What The Bleep,’ which reveal the Laws of the Universe to the adult within you - Cathryn Taylor invites you to take this process one step further. She encourages you to share this ancient wisdom with your Divine Inner Child and offers instruction on how to teach these sacred principles to the wounded child within-that inner child who may have lost faith… who, out of fear, unknowingly sabotages your efforts to successfully implement the laws of attraction - of abundance - the laws of the universe!

“In the last several years an explosion has occurred. The Laws of the Universe - the laws of attraction - the laws of abundance are now being made available to the masses. An electrical current is running through the planet as a plethora of information reaches the mainstream in a new way.

Movies such as ‘The Secret’ and ‘What The Bleep Do We Know!’ which featured the visionary, Michael Beckwith; authors such as Jack Canfield, John Gray and Lisa Nichols; Philosophers such as Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray and Quantum Physicists such as John Hagelin and Fred Alan Wolf took the world by storm as they revealed the magic of these ancient laws.

What is the law of attraction? It is simply the law of the universe which states that what we think and feel emits a vibrational frequency of energy which attracts a vibrational match. In other words-what we see and feel we create.

And now, for the first time, this information is being delivered cinematically and is reaching those who have not found these truths through the written word. People are excited. Lives are changing. There is magic all around as many experience the laws of attraction and abundance first hand. They manifest that pre-paved parking place; their desired relationship; that divine-right job and they feel exuberant.

Then suddenly the magic dampens. They become frightened and disillusioned. Many assume they are doing something wrong. They experience fear - then shame - then anger - then despair.

What happens? Some part of us begins to fear our own success. As Nelson Mandela states;

"Our greatest fear is not that we will be inadequate.
Our grandest fear is that we will be powerful beyond measure."

We begin to fear our true mastery. We flat line. Our wounded inner child takes center stage and begins the process of sabotage. It sabotages our efforts to succeed in an attempt to protect us from failure. It sabotages our efforts to succeed because, simply, it fears our success! It fears our being too powerful; too big; too successful. It is frightened we will get hurt or it will be abandoned, abused, shamed, belittled or neglected. The intention is not to derail us but that is the impact.

This happened to me! When I first sat down to watch the movie “The Secret’ my adolescent within rebelled and thought it was a bunch of junk! Now, I know better! I have been familiar with the laws of the universe for over twenty-five years. I studied Lazarus, Ramtha, Aurora; The Teachings of Abraham. I read the Celestine Prophecy. I manifested a BMW in three weeks and a publisher for The Inner Child Workbook in a month. I had experienced the magic of the laws of the universe hundreds of times. So, why now did I have such a reaction? My response puzzled me.

I had three choices. The first choice was to collapse into this apathy and judgment and assume, very shamefully, I was not doing it right… that something was wrong with me. That choice would have left me feeling despair and low self-esteem. It would have perpetuated the very problem.

The second choice was to project my attitude and response out onto the video itself - cop an attitude fueled by the belief that all those who were preaching this “stuff” had obviously not had to confront challenges such as mine. In other words, I could have slipped into the victim approach and discredited them through the projection of righteous indignation and judgment. My third choice was to step back from my reaction and ask myself, “Who inside is feeling such judgment and rage?”

I chose this approach. It gave me a way to acknowledge what I was feeling which then enabled me to work with the situation at hand. I externalized my reaction which empowered me to respond to the inner child who carried this judgment and irritation. Instead of collapsing into this reaction and then projecting it out I kept the feeling vertical - within me. I called forth the healer within who could respond to the inner child who obviously had an issue with what I was attempting to manifest.

Who is the inner child?

The inner child is that aspect of us who carries our childhood fears and longings. It is that part who learned early in life it was not safe to feel or trust. It built an entire coping strategy in an attempt to attain and sustain safety. Now, in adulthood, anything unknown challenges that safety. The inner child responds with a knee-jerk reaction. In an attempt to protect the psyche from being hurt it blocks anything new from occurring. Its’ intent may be to protect, but its’ impact is sabotage. Each inner child has its’ own theme of sabotage.
The infant will sabotage because of its’ fear of being abandoned. It will not let you get too bright or popular for fear of being left behind. (Relationships)

The toddler will sabotage because of it fears you will not be able to discern right from wrong. Its’ fear is based on the concern that the adult self will lose integrity and will not be able to set boundaries with success. (Abundance)

The 3-6 year old will sabotage because of his or her fear of not being good enough. It carries your shame of being exposed. (Career)

The 6-12 year old sabotages out of a family loyalty or a fear of not fitting in if you get too successful, beautiful or strange! (Physical Fitness)

The 12 - 15 year old holds your self-consciousness when you begin to actually walk your talk and put your divine goods out there as your source of income. (Creativity)

Your 15-17 year old will speak your truth and rebel against anything it deems as violating your inner truth. (Spirituality)

And your 17-21 year old will gracefully allow mastery when it trusts you have earned the right to step into your rightful place as healer, mentor and friend.

Irrespective of the success we have experienced we all have that one last area of challenge which stands between us and our true mastery. We may succeed every where else in our lives-but there is that last hold out-that cherished arena which remains untouched. When we approach that area of our lives and risk total mastery - our most faithful inner child rears its’ protective head.

By following the vibrational thread of my reaction to ‘The Secret’ I was led to the inner child who had carried my co-dependent bargain into adulthood. It had remained faithful to an age-old pattern which no longer served me. Equipped with the tools I had acquired on my own healing journey empowered me to choose to respond instead of collapse.

Cathryn now offers to teach you what is needed to make that same choice.

Author's Bio: 

Cathryn Taylor has been licensed in the state of California since 1979 as a Marriage and Family Therapist, was certified in Chemical Dependency in 1985 and is now licensed in the state of Minnesota as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor and as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Cathryn is also trained as a Personal Life Coach and uses this format in her work. Her approach incorporates consultation and facilitation - assisting you in building the relationship between your Higher Self, your Adult self and your Children Within. She is also a practitioner of Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Having obtained a BA in Sociology from Texas Christian University at Ft. Worth, Texas in 1970 and a MA in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University at Orinda, California in 1979, Cathryn has worked in the mental health field since 1971. In addition to having a successful private practice, she has also worked as a Family Therapist in Residential Treatment Centers, Inpatient and Outpatient Chemical Dependency Units and an Eating Disorders Clinic. She currently has a private practice in both the Twin Cities area and in San Rafael, California.

Cathryn is the author of five books including,THE INNER CHILD WORKBOOK “What To Do With Your Past When It Just Won’t Go Away” , which was published by Jeremy P.Tarcher, Inc. in 1991. It has been translated into Spanish and Dutch and is in its 32nd printing. She has been conducting workshops, lectures and classes for the past eighteen years and has authored and recorded a series of lectures which cover topics on the different stages of recovery, issues of the children within and holistic healing.