As you participate with the energies flowing through your world, remember that this is a time for change. Many dramas are being played for your benefit. Whether these dramas are in your personal life or within the global arena, you are working within these contexts to understand the thrust of life that is changing. You are working to heal the patterns and systems of the old, so you may assert a new pattern with greater flexibility and harmony.

It is important to remember that what you struggle against is what asks for healing. It becomes prominent in your life, because it is important to resolve. Resolution becomes complete, when the underlying causes and impulses are recognized. This allows you to understand the feelings of inadequacy and move into greater power in the spiritual sense. Once resolution is understood, then the energies to heal and uplift can become present and in motion.

So many forces at this time are working in the old patterns to try to minimize chaos. Chaos is a creative event. It allows for the freedom of organization to reconnect in brilliant ways. It allows for unlimited association to create new contexts and new forms. Upon seeing the old forms work to re-establish a pattern, chaos moves forward to open the old pattern and begins to assert a new pattern. It is the new pattern that brings healing and awakening. The new pattern once in place, allows for a greater "AHA" factor. From the perspective of the new pattern, a revelation is possible that brings a deep comprehension.

This comprehension shakes off the last bits of the old and encourages you to step into the new creation in joy and play. Chaos may look like destruction from the perspective of the old pattern, but from the new pattern it is said to be a restructuring toward healing.

Healing is a process of bringing the new patterns into play. Healing, whether a physical healing, an emotional healing or a global community healing, becomes available and present through the recognition and embrace of the new patterns. Healing is never a stagnant event. To have vitality in any area of life, the life forces must be flowing. The life forces must be free to flow and move. The flow of life forces brings more than classical health, meaning a life of energy and freedom from pain.

Life force is part of the total flow of creation, that moves through all consciousness. Each aspect of consciousness requires different things at different times. Each aspect of life, requires different things at different times. As you see your own dramatic events unfold in your life, watch for the areas of restriction and allow yourself a greater space in which to play. Extend compassion to your own being. When you struggle, bring the healing life force into your being. For, whatever you notice in the global arena is being created on your behalf. Whatever is being restricted in your life is calling your attention to a new area of participation.

Every moment is an opportunity to shift into healing and renewal. Every moment is an opportunity to awaken to the beauty and joy which is within all creation.

Blessings to you in your journey toward integrated wholeness.

May Joy and Fulfillment Replenish your Vision


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Lumari is a spiritual teacher, channel, psychic and author. In her book “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and reveals the great body of wisdom within their care. Her book, "Alawashka, Language of Creation," is a compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing and spiritual awakening. To learn more about Lumari's books, workshops and consultations, visit lumari.com.

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