Hayward Pool filters are available easily and are well recognized for their assistance value in the cleaning pools. Hayward also provides accessories with these filters. It is one of the well known brands offering good services for customers.

With the goal of providing excellent equipments for the hygiene and maintenance of the swimming area, Hayward continues to make wide range products such as pipes, cleaners and filters. Hayward Pro Plus Sand Filters are high-rate sand filters and can be durably mold. Pro-series skins advanced and self-cleaning lateral under-drain system as made from corrosion-proof polymeric material. Cartridge filters are an upgraded version of sand filters that traps larger debris. Hayward Star-Clear cartridge filters provide extra cleaning capacity to all pools and spas. A Star-Clear Plus filter carries high-quality value giving greater performance, higher efficiency and also crystal clear consequences. C5025, C2025, C3025 and C4025 large capacity cartridge filters are known as the Hayward SwimClear, offering an increased filtration area for better cleaning process.

Diatomaceous earth (DE) filters are an advanced version of sand and cartridge filters. The filters consists 'filter cake' that pulls dirt, algae and dust. EC65A and EC75A series are Perflex Extended-Cycle of D.E. filters that clear the pool fast and remove particles. Perflex clears the pool without backwashing and saves gallons of pool water. DE2420, DE3620, DE4826, DE6020 and DE7220 are Pro-Grid vertical grid D.E. filters. These filters supply efficient water flow with clarity and have a larger cleaning capacity which is a critical aspect of such devices.

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