We are living in a state of flux. We are living in a state where we are in total un control of your mind and our body. This statement comes from the very fact that we are no longer a focused, organised and empowered race of humans walking on this earth. Why do we say this? We say this because there are so many afflictions to the human body and the human mind to mention and none of them has been properly addressed. We have to look at the problem of addiction.

Addiction is one of the things that it is an exclamation to the fact that we have no control over our body. There are so many types of addiction in the world today and they include things like drugs, over eating, over drinking, any sort of substance that makes the person feel good. Then there is the problem of phobia. Then there is the issue of weaknesses of the human body, mind and body functions, disease and all sorts of areas.

We are actually walking weak points of our own, and it is time to take control of the mind and with that we can take control of the body. One good news is that, well, oxymoronic, as it may seem, is that we are woefully underutilising the power of the brain. In actual fact, the brain is capable of some quite amazing things and to understand the actual power of the brain that is untapped, we need to focus on the fact that there is still more than 60% of the brain that has been left untapped and undiscovered by science. That is testament to the fact that there is plenty that we can do with the brain and one of the recent discoveries is that the brain in actuality, has displayed to neurologists that is has the power to invoke certain super states in the mind.

This is down to the fact that the brain actually emits electromagnetic waves and pulses that determines the state of the brain. These waves can be measured and can be categorised within 5 states, ranging from alpha to delta. The lower brainwaves are associated with functions when you are asleep or just before or after you fall asleep and the rest of the higher functions are actually associated with your higher states of wakefulness. Now, we are able to focus on these functions and invent technology that can evoke these frequencies within the brain.

Now, we can attain higher mental functions, greater creativity, mental focus, mental agility, humour, alertness, the ability to learn and also the ability to improve and accelerate the states of relaxation and healing within the mind and body. All you need to do this is to actually find and order the appropriate brainwave entrainment technology or audio CD’s that are directly available on the net or even in some offline stores. Be part of the phenomenon that has grabbed societies all over the world, and now you can have total control over body and mind.

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