Do you think more about and appreciate what you have OR do you think and worry more about what you don't have? Your sense of having or not having greatly impacts your success. Looking at the truth of who you are is important to understanding how this works.

Science has now caught up with a core message of many spiritual paths - You are one with that which created you. This means that you are both Spirit and human, or Spirit enjoying a human experience.

As Spirit you have within you everything you could ever want or need to be extraordinarily successful in every way - in relationships, health, happiness, business and finances.

It's Universal Law

When you are unaware that you already have everything you need or desire, the tendency is to think that you have to get what you don't think you have from outside yourself. The motive of "getting" is not aligned with true wealth and success. It goes against universal law.

From a relationship perspective, the energy of getting feels like pressure to others. They know on some level that you want something from them and will resist your efforts.

With a sense of "having" you become a giver and the universe rushes in to give you many times over what you have given. It's a universal principle that you always get back what you give, and more.

It is also a universal principle that the abundance of the universe is in continuous flow. When you give, you open up the flow of your good. When you come from "not having", you block it.

Three Core "Haves" for Success

You have wealth beyond measure within you. Three core treasures that come into this life with you are love, desire and value.

Love is a spiritual gift. It's part of your Spiritual DNA package.

When you realize that you have love, giving love is your natural response. Your way of being and your actions are all based in love. You open up the flow of your good and you naturally attract more love into your life.

Desire is the life within you seeking new expression. Your desires guide you to that which makes you feel fully alive and serves the highest good.

Value. When you realize that you have value, you trust and move with your desires.

You know that what you have to offer others is valuable. You give of yourself and create rich relationships. And you tap into your natural creativity for new ways to contribute value for others.

In the Flow of Wealth and Success

As you remember that you are one with that which created you, it follows that an abundance of all that is good and the seeds of all that you desire lie within you. You become one of the "haves," you tap into the generosity of spirit that is your true nature and you become a giver.

From a sense of having and the spirit of giving your joy grows, your fears and doubts cease and you find yourself in the flow of wealth and success.

Step into Your Greatness!
You have everything you need.

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Reggie Odom LICSW, CPCC, PCC, founder of Inspired Works, is a Professional Coach, Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual teacher, speaker and writer. She is also on the faculty of the National Institute of Whole Health where she teaches a coaching series. She can be contacted at (617) 524-6153, or you can visit her web site at .