Absolutely. While this “secret” is right under your nose most don’t put the pieces together and take advantage of the five-pronged key elements for increased sales. You will immediately increase your sales when you include all five elements in your business and develop proficiencies in each area.

The first element to increased sales is based on attraction, attention, and action. You could be the most highly skilled salesperson in the world and fail miserably if you don’t have enough prospects to sell to. You must develop the proficiency to attract highly qualified prospects, get and maintain their attention, and most importantly get them to take action and reach out to you. When a prospect reaches out to you, you are in the position of a trusted adviser rather than the position of the dreaded salesperson. The person they want to avoid. The person they view as their adversary.

Hand-in-hand with the first element is the second element. Once you’re able to attract highly qualified prospects to you stop allocating time for suspects. Meeting with suspects decreases your productivity, slows your momentum, and wastes valuable time you could be using to promote yourself to other highly qualified prospects. Your time is one of your most valuable resources. You can’t replace or redo your time you have to make your time work for you rather than against you. Wasting time on suspects when you can filter the world at large for highly qualified prospects and invest your time, energies, and dollars on them just doesn’t make sense.

It’s far easier to keep a heavy stone wheel rolling than it is to get a stopped wheel started again. The same is true with your sales momentum. However, the nemesis of increased sales is increased sales. You must guard against and prevent the start and stop syndrome that happens when you work to add prospects, gain new business, and then stop working to gain prospects because you’re busy taking care of all the new business. The solution to preventing and avoiding this syndrome is marketing systems that automatically do their job for you while you take care of prospects and clients.

From the point of the first connection and through-out the life of your relationship with your clients you must act as their trusted adviser. This is demonstrated through your approach to attracting highly qualified prospects, how you handle the sales conversation with those prospects, and how you take care of your clients. From the start they must have confidence that you have their best interests as your best interest.

The final element for increased sales is preparation. Preparation in the way you attract prospects, preparation for the sales conversation helping prospects to make the best decision for them, and preparation for extending and deepening the client relationship once the sale is made. Prepare for increased sales by developing your five-pronged effort to increased sales and improving your proficiency in each area.

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