Let's continue our Three Loveables series, using intuitive reading to focus on three people of special interest to Blog-Buddies at this online community. Reading faces was the first step into deeper perception of New Age superstar Caroline Myss. Aura readings and empathic merges into energy fields come next, and that is our goal for today.

Insight from the level of deep human secrets -- medical intuitive readings, her specialty, are hardly the only way to do that. Like most of you who are reading these words, my specialties are spiritual and emotional, more than physical.
For background on reading auras, use these FAQs at my website. www.selfgrowth.com

(Recently someone printed out all the different FAQs (www.selfgrowth.com) and it was some 39 pages. Choose any categories that interest you, but I do suggest that you begin with the counter-culture approach to auras. Otherwise you may be scratching your head, thinking, "What's with that Rose Rosetree? She hasn't told me about a single color."


Every chakra worth reading for a profile like this has 50 different databanks. Fear not, I'll be selective. And I'll compare the same databank from the photo above, relatively early in her career, with this picture, millions of readers after. How has huge success changed Caroline Myss?

Her Presence in the Room, at the Root Chakra
•Before: Her intellect grabs you. She's so vibrantly curious, so busy thinking, it's like having a bee in the room. Even if she doesn't speak directly to you, you don't have to consciously do a spiritual reading to feel how she's buzzing around, upgrading the whole quality of conversation in the room.
•Now: For a famous person, she has a pretty retiring, quiet presence. Confidence has grown, and she feels herself dominating the room without having to move a muscle. An interesting facet of this confidence feels to me like, "I own this conversation." You could call it a regal quality or you might find it a bit off-putting. A gut reaction like that could be considered the test of who is a real fan.

Medical Intuitive Circuits, at the Root Chakra
•Before: At this time in her career, Caroline had depended on these circuits for her success. There is a wonderful, rare ability to move her consciousness directly into another person's aura, finding what is going on with health. Think human X-ray.
•Now: Caroline's career emphasis has moved on, so it isn't surprising that she doesn't show much energy around this circuitry now. Like other mind-body-spirit celebrities, she is far more interested in the spiritual side now. (A similar shift has been happening for life coach Martha Beck and psychologist/channeler Ron Scolastico.)

Power Dynamics When Teaching, at the Solar Plexus Chakra

•Before: That busy-bee intellect has plenty of honey to disburse. Caroline has so much to impart, she needs tight control over a teaching situation, the chance to just let that information out to reach her students. (Oboy, can I ever relate!) I also find a kind of steely resolve that nobody in the audience will ever know quite as much as she does, or know it so completely, so they had better listen carefully.
•Now: Again, the inner dynamics have changed drastically. Caroline isn't pushing so much to share as managing to keep herself steady while so much attention, adoration, etc. is being thrust upon her.

Self-Promotion Circuits, at the Solar Plexus Chakra
•Before: This is the biggest databank in this reading, by far. It is very closely allied to Myss' mission, which is to serve as a world-wide ambassador for the New Age (and her own standing in it). Clarity, competitiveness, and resourcefulness all combine to make Caroline an amazingly effective ambassador.
•Now: This databank has grown yet greater. Caroline is positioned to make her chosen topics go mega, go mainstream.

Communication While Teaching, at the Throat Chakra
•Before: Caroline is logical, clear, and direct. There's a quality of strictness, related to the same talent that enables her to build systems of knowledge. Although I haven't been in any personal workshops with her, I did see a video of hers. Absolutely no-nonsense, with loads of information being communicated in a systematic fashion. (Note: I'm remembering this AFTER reading the databank.)
•Now: Enormous growth shows here, with a new ability to interact with an audience, sensing how they are listening and feeling, how to pace her conversation, what people want. This is perfectly suited to radio. Whatever the size of her listening audience, Caroline is ready to establish and keep strong connection.

Emotions While Teaching, at the Heart Chakra
•Before: Very detached, Caroline isn't connected to her feelings while she teaches. Instead, she's spiritually connected. (See the next databank.) It's sweet how she can purposely appeal to emotions while she teaches. The emotions aren't particularly felt inside; it's more like a movie actor who is told by the director to make certain gestures while delivering the lines.
•Now: No change. This is exactly the same as it was in our earlier photo.

Spiritual Connection While Teaching, at the Third Eye Chakra
•Before: The connection is huge (though still only about 25% as big as the promotion databank previously discussed). Caroline has total surrender to the information that she brings through. It reminds me of a nun, someone whose pristine spiritual connection includes a renunciation of her personal human self.

If you're looking for The Big Secret of Success for Caroline Myss, that would be here. (Although all these databanks, and others, really contribute. To a skilled empath or aura reader, The Big Secret of Success for anyone is that there isn't any one big secret.)
•Now: Big shift again! Caroline is much more grounded and focused on the here-and-now. She has her insights stored up and is now working full-time, with human circuitry and awareness, to communicate in a way that people can understand. Out of the convent, into the marketplace!


What was it like to be Elvis or The Beatles or Britney Spears while at the height of their fame? Receiving mega-attention can be a burden. Staying in balance isn't easy for anyone, but less so when millions of fans clamour for your attention.

If you're a singer, people don't expect you to maintain spiritual oomph while grappling with your sanity. But Caroline has a very different, and much graver, responsibility. Like Doreen Virtue and Sylvia Browne, Caroline has been positioned as a kind of rock star of the metaphysical.

Now, consider the different kinds of demand from your public if you are any kind of rock star. Britney was positioned as a little Pop Tart, then a bigger one. Energetically, she had to deal with cords of attachment from fans who used her as a sex object.

Those who laugh at her obvious distress in recent years miss the point. It's not just that she has flipped out; the high pressure of energetic connections in the Internet age intensify the pressures of great fame. Long before her troubles became the stuff of tabloid journalism, Britney's aura reminded me of that of a 50-something, burned-out hooker.

Worldwide, anyone who wants to can still call up Britney's image, project onto her whatever they wish, sending energetic pulls-and-tugs with the speed of a mouse click.

While she has had no training to do the kind of Spiritual Healings that I teach in my Intensives (www.selfgrowth.com), I'm also willing to bet, she has no knowledge of Energy Spirituality, such as cutting cords of attachment. So, along with the money and fame, she is taking on energies that require clarity or healing that she doesn't have.

Caroline is, clearly, positioned differently, yet lives within that same matrix of social interconnection that goes far beyond what Elvis and others dealt with back in the day.

Who seeks her wisdom? It's spiritual seekers, or sufferers from health problems who treat her like a kind of modern-day Lourdes, somebody obligated to dispense healing miracles just because she once popularized the specialty called "Medical Intuitive."

To have a sense of what she, or Sonia Choquette, or other big Hay House authors, must deal with, think for a minute about community.

At my blog, "Deeper Perception Made Practical" (www.selfgrowth.com), you Blog-Buddies are delightful peers and students to me. Your comments here have shown you to be respectful and authentically seeking; you keep your own self-authority. Again, you are my delight.

But this is a very selective community. I don't work much with beginners. I have no desire to participate in taking anyone's power. No, there is no official test to participate in this community. Anyone can lurk on this blog or buy one of my books, and there won't be any official test to pass. Yet the people who study with me in depth are remarkable: Curious, smart, thoughtful, awake.

Even in my small world, though, I have had certain experiences as a teacher or doing media interviews or responding to emails. I have had the occasional experience with people of the kind that the superstars deal with by the millions.

Did you ever think of the kind of community Myss must deal with? In one of her books, she recounts a pivotal incident in her career. She was doing a workshop as a medical intuitive when one student had a turn at the healer's chair and demanded healing as though Myss were obligated to give the moon, while the healee would do nothing except take, sneer, and judge.

I love the way Myss described her reaction, taking a deep breath and resolving not to put herself in that position again.

Sure, mega-success has changed her. Yet she continues striving to hold her light higher than her ego.

That choice is evident in how her aura has changed over time. More than any of her other gifts, that choice makes her loveable to me.

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