Trust is a very difficult thing to establish or maintain. Our senses are daily bombarded with all kinds of messages and stimulations that would have us believe that we should accept everything we see or hear.

Most of us know better than to take at face value some of the advertising that we are exposed to, and even with our personal relationships it is hard to be totally trusting all of the time. Modern day society has taught us to be wary and that trust only exists on the outside, i.e. skin deep, the motivation usually being something completely different.

It's unfortunate but properly true that most people enter any new situation or encounter with the first reaction of suspicion. What does this person want from me? How can I be sure that I'm being told the truth about this product?

We are so used to being 'sold' something or short-changed that although we want to believe and trust we are naturally suspicious of the intention.

Of course there are exceptions. You might live in a close kit community where everybody has complete trust in everyone else, but if a stranger entered town? Well it might be a different story.

These days of global communication allow that 'stranger' to enter any society and erode the certainty that used to exist there.

So how do we as individuals generate trust from others who maybe never have the real chance to evaluate us in real life?

It's not easy, but there is a universal principal that is fundamental to success.

That is to establish your word as law.

If we want to promote trust in our relationships with others, first we must be truthful to ourselves.

Do you really trust every reaction you have ever had to be the best in that particular circumstance? Are you totally honest with yourself? Do you make promises, even to yourself that you don't keep?

By making your word as law you develop power, power to control your own actions, power to ooze confidence and therefore power to allow others to trust you.

It's almost like developing an aurora around yourself that people are naturally attracted to.

So, what are the secrets of making your word law?

? Don't make promises you won't keep.

If you say to yourself that you will do something, then do it! And don't make promises to others if you can't or won't follow through.

I can think of dozens of times when I failed to deliver on promises that I given other people, even more so on promises that I've made to myself!

? Don't commit if you don't have to.

If you aren't sure you can follow through, you can always stall others, saying, "I'm not sure; call me in a week"

I know it's can be difficult to say no at times, even if you are trying to spare the feelings of the other person it's far better to tell the truth.

? If you make a discipline - a law for yourself - follow through to the end.

New Year's Eve is not the best time to make resolutions, instead only start on a course of action if you mean to complete it.

Don't say to yourself, "I'm going to give up chocolate" if an hour later you'll sit there and munch through an entire box!

? Don't talk about yourself too much.

Listen to others - talk about them. Become verbally disciplined; don't show off. Don't boast, don't exaggerate and stay inside what you know is true and real.

? Never think or talk in terms of things being hard, evil, ugly or difficult.

Avoid words such as 'impossible', 'trouble' and 'problem'. Your problems are not problems; they are challenges. Instead try to look for the positive in the situation - always look on the bright side of life!

If you want to attract trust from other people then you must learn to trust yourself first. Police your thoughts; don't make promises you can't keep, especially when you're in a dialogue with yourself.

Who knows what could happen!?

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